Ishqbaaz: Roop returns to change Obros’ equations

Ishqbaaz: Roop returns to change Obros' equations

Ishqbaaz: Roop returns to change Obros’ equations… Shivay gets upset by his family’s hatred. Anika tells Gauri and Bhavya about Shivay’s mistake. Bhavya tells her that she understands Shivay’s trauma, he is having panic attacks, they have to support him, since he is having a battle with himself as well. She tells Anika about Shivay’s trauma effects. She asks Anika to just support Shivay and make him resume his routine work, so that his self will gets high. Anika feels bad for Shivay. Gauri and Bhavya have cute moments with their husbands. Anika also decides to take Shivay to office, so that he stays occupied by work. She brings light in his dark world again. She asks him to let the world know about him, so that they accept him again. She convinces him to go to office for their sake. Shivay feels he is doing wrong with Anika, and agrees to visit office just for her sake. Anika sends him with Khanna.

Shivay feels uneasy. Khanna observes the changes in him and also feels sorry. Shivay reaches his office and faces an antipathetic environment. The staff clicks pictures of him and comments on him for returning after five years. Shivay gets upset and makes a leave. Anika learns that Shivay will become like before. Shivay gets away from the office and spends some time on the beach, so that none’s taunts reach him. Anika wishes Shivay comes back happily. When Shivay returns, he recollects the trauma again. He doesn’t appear cheerful. Anika learns that Shivay didn’t enter the office and left from the door.

Omkara and Rudra tell their wives how Shivay lost the courage. Police arrives home to meet Shivay. Roop returns home and unites with her family. Inspector tells them about Roop’s suicide attempt and how they have saved her life. Roop tells Shivay and his brothers that they can’t divide the Oberoi house this way. She misses Tej. She finds the house division and turns hugely disappointed. Omkara and Rudra calm her down. Shivay asks her not to get upset. Roop doesn’t want things to get worse. She shows her belief in Shivay, that he will fix everything. Roop brings a happy moment between the brothers. She tells Anika that she will bring a wave of joy in the house and also unite Oberois. She asks them not to divide her, she will be with everyone. She wants to give equal rights to her nephews. Omkara and Rudra require Shivay’s signatures on the documents. Anika doesn’t want them to oust Shivay from the office.

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