Bepannaah: Zoya to catch hold of her enemy


Bepannaah: Zoya to catch hold of her enemy.. Aditya becomes the target of someone’s new conspiracy. A girl blames him for molestation. Aditya’s family stands by him, knowing he can never do anything wrong. They can’t imagine that some girl can accuse Aditya for such a thing. Zoya recollects about the mystery woman’s threatening. She takes a stand in her husband’s honor and tells Aditya that she will always believe him. The woman wanted Zoya to slap Aditya and teach him a lesson by shaming him in front of everyone. Zoya reaches Aditya and fails the mystery woman’s plan. She doesn’t shame Aditya and instead shows her belief in her husband. She doesn’t lose out and slaps the girl who cheaply accused Aditya.

Zoya protects Aditya’s reputation, shocking the hidden enemy, who is watching Zoya all the time. Zoya proves to everyone that her husband is absolutely innocent. Zoya stops everyone from accusing Aditya. Wasim feels Aditya is at fault, since he hates Aditya. Zoya defends Aditya.

She doesn’t want Aditya to get arrested. She presents the video footage and proves the girl a liar. She brings the truth out and insults her for shaming women by making such dirty allegations without any reason. She gets angry on the girl and makes her apologize to Aditya. Everyone feels proud of Zoya. Aditya helps Zoya get Wasim’s blessings. Aditya gets happy that Zoya believes him so much. Zoya wants to keep her love vows by heart. She asks Aditya to always believe her.

She knows he will never do any mistake, even by mistake. He forgives her for blaming Anjana. He can’t stay upset with Zoya. She doesn’t want anyone to come between them. Zoya threatens the mystery enemy. She tries to find her and insults her so that the woman makes some excuse. Zoya finally reaches her enemy, and wants to face her identity. The woman realizes Zoya was spying on her and laid the trap to catch her. She troubles Zoya and hurts her further. Zoya tolerates the attack and struggles to stop the woman. Zoya tries hard to catch hold of the woman, and know her revenge motives.

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