Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman makes a shocking move

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: A shocking allegation on Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman makes a shocking move… Sudha informs Raman about Ishita’s move of selling jewelry and managing his company bankruptcy. Raman gets raging and burns the car gifted by Sudha. Sudha does the charity to provoke Raman and hurt his ego. She wants to break Bhalla family by using Raman’s anger. Ishita understands Sudha’s planning and tries to stop Raman. After much drama, Bhallas prepare for Aaliya’s wedding. Raman also conceals the company losses from the family. He tells everyone that he has already booked the hotel for the wedding. Aaliya gets blessings from everyone. Ishita and Romi get worried and wonder how did Raman book the hotel by paying the advance. Ishita know Raman didn’t get the bank loan. She reaches the hospital and looks for Raman. She suspects Raman. The lady tell Ishita that Raman has come for kidney donation.

Ishita gets terrified thinking Raman is selling his kidney for money. She rushes to the crowd and tries to search for Raman. She doesn’t want Raman to make any such silly move. Ishita knows the problems Raman is facing. She meets Raman and asks him not to bring his ego between their relation, since Sudha is targeting at his ego to break their family. She explains Raman that they have to stay united and fight Sudha. Raman gets Ishita’s jewelry back, and asks her never to take any big step without informing him. Raman gets angry on Ishita. He tells her that he will manage his own problems, and doesn’t need anyone’s help. Kaushalya wants Aaliya and Ruhi to become her bahus. She is sure that Ruhi is also like Ishita, and holds same values.

She wants Ishita’s daughters to manage her family. Aaliya’s pre-wedding functions begin. The haldi ceremony brings happiness in the family. Ishita and Raman apply haldi to Aaliya. Ishita gives the shagun to Aaliya. Aaliya wishes that her marriage is successful and she gets much happiness. Ishita is worried for the expenses. She shares her tensions with Romi. She wants some way to solve the mess. Kaushalya asks Ishita for Ruhi’s hand for Karan.

Ishita and Raman get surprised with the new alliance forming. They leave the decision on Ruhi to decide. They want Ruhi to decide for her life, and feel independent. They don’t want to compel Ruhi for the marriage, but tell her that Karan is a nice guy, and even Aaliya is getting married in the same household. They wish Ruhi agrees for the proposal. Karan also learns about the alliance and gets happy since he likes Ruhi. Karan and Ruhi like each other and have a soft corner.

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