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Know Upcoming On Star Plus… Krishna Chali London: Radhe sees Krishna at the airport and sheds tears that she is leaving for London. He feels shattered to lose Krishna. Krishna changes her decision of leaving when she gets Lali’s call for help. She realizes Lali is in grave danger and wants to rush to her. She learns about Shukla’s move of dumping Lali away from the house. Krishna leaves her dreams and career to save Lali and Pinky.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira spots mysterious shadow… Manish and Kartik shower love on Akhilesh like always. Kartik tells Akhilesh that they have come to join him. Manish tells Akhilesh that he loves him more than a son. Goenkas join Akhilesh’s event. Naitik tells Akhilesh that they have also come in his event all by love, but he can make them out if he wants. Everyone gets an entry in Akhilesh’s event without any invitation. Kartik and Naira feel bad to hurt Akhilesh by such a bad behavior. Kartik tells her that their intentions are good and they shouldn’t give up. Goenkas thank Kartik and Naira for putting efforts to unite the family. Kartik assures them that elders won’t get separated, the family will always stay united.

Ishqbaaz: Rudra to prove Shivay mentally ill… Shivay becomes lucky for his brothers. Shivay tells Rudra that he is very happy to see him working in the office with utmost responsibility. They learn about the big deal which Omkara and Rudra wanted since long. Anika wants Shivay to check the documents and then sign on it. She stops Shivay since she doesn’t want them to get cheated. Omkara and Rudra tells them that they aren’t like Shivay to cheat. She warns them against someone’s conspiracy and asks them to check the documents. Rudra gets insulting Anika and Shivay. Omkara asks Shivay to sign the documents and make a leave. Shivay refuses to sign the papers and shocks them. They get disappointed by Shivay. Rudra tells Omkara that he has the problem with Anika’s interference. Omkara knows that they need Shivay’s signatures for the deal. Rudra decides to talk to Anika and stop her from throwing attitude.

Jiji Maa:
Falguni learns about Suyash’s fake illness, by which Uttara and Piyali are manipulating him for marrying Piyali. She rushes to Niyati and Vidhaan to share the secret. She wants Suyash to know the truth and teach a lesson to Piyali. She fails to expose Piyali. Falguni makes a plan and keeps Suyash and Piyali’s haldi ceremony. She wants to expose Karma and Piyali’s love affair. She creates a moment when Piyali’s love for Karma gets known. Falguni raises hand on Karma when the latter argues with Suyash. Falguni doesn’t want Karma to insult Suyash. She protects Suyash since he is her love. Piyali defends her lover Karma and raises suspicion in the family.

Bablu kidnaps Muskaan and takes her with him, by lying to Sir ji. He doesn’t tell Sir ji that he found Muskaan already. He wants to get Muskaan with him, being smitted by her beauty. Bablu tries to impress Muskaan and win her love. She doesn’t like him and warns him to stay away. Bablu asks her if she is crying for her lover Ronak, who doesn’t even care for her life. He tells her that Ronak would have tracked them if he really cares for her life, but the fact is Ronak didn’t come, which clears out that Muskaan means nothing to him. He asks Muskaan to accept his love. Ronak reaches the godown where Muskaan is kept captive. Bablu and Muskaan find Ronak entering the place. Ronak fights with the goons and warns Bablu against hurting Muskaan.

Papa By Chance:

Harman and Yuvaan have a big confrontation. Yuvaan learns that Harman is preparing to sell the company by taking advantage of Sucharita’s absense. He wants to stop Harman from making this move. He gathers evidence to send to Sucharita so that he can expose Harman. Harman learns that the buyer didn’t arrive office. He wonders who is cheating him by a disguise. He finds Yuvaan with the orphan kids. He learns that Yuvaan is trying to expose his truth. He frames Yuvaan in his own plan. He makes an evil plan to burn the entire showroom and office, so that Yuvaan dies in the fire incident. Harman risks many lives. His employees also get stuck with Yuvaan. Yuvaan determines to save Amrit, the kids and the employees. Harman pours kerosene on the showroom walls and ignites fire. He locks the main exit and wants everyone to die. Harman gets mad in revenge and thinks he won’t get caught for the crime. He wants Yuvaan to get blamed for the disaster.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita worries over impulsive Raman… Raman confronts Romi for hiding the crucial matters. He asks Romi to go to Ishita and apologize. He doesn’t want Romi to defend Ishita. He asks Romi not to let anyone know the matter. He wants to book the same car for Aaliya by using the assets. He asks Romi to do anything and plan celebrations at home. Romi asks him to get practical and think of the financial problems. Raman doesn’t want to take any tension. He believes in his capabilities and is sure that he will manage everything. Sudha asks the broker to buy all the shares of Bhalla company. She wants to ruin Bhallas.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Big truth to come Sikandar’s way..Kulfi requests Tevar to take her to her village and meet her uncle. Tevar agrees for the sake of her happiness. He tells her that they will study for entrance test first and then go to Chirauli. She insists him to take her the same day. He promises her that he will take her to the village once she gets admitted in the school. He tells her that they will stay in Chirauli as much as she wants. He convinces her to prepare for the entrance test. Sikandar gets relieved that Kulfi agreed to Tevar.

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