High Five Spoilers: Krishna Chali London and more

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Krishna Chali London:
Krishna reveals to Radhe that she has returned just for Lali’s sake, whom she regards like an elder sister. She wants to save Lali’s life. She tells him that Lali and Pinky are captive and may fall in danger. Radhe also learns that Lali is suffering from cancer. He can’t believe this shocking thing. He shatters as he regards her as mother. Radhe apologizes to Krishna for being so blind in his own self. Radhe teams up with Krishna and Gajanan. Radhe wants to save Lali and Pinky. Gajanan gets the location traced. The trio reach the isolated place and find Pinky and Lali tied up. Gajanan loses his cool.

In an attempt to save them, he gets caught up. Radhe and Krishna bravely fight to save Gajanan and Lali. Krishna wants to expose Shukla’s evil face in the family. Gajanan and Radhe get saddened knowing Shukla’s misdeed to put Lali and Pinky in danger. They get against their father.

Papa By Chance:

Amrit seeks help from Genie and learns her real truth. Genie has no good intentions towards Yuvaan. She just wants his property and money. Yuvaan doesn’t know Genie’s real face. Amrit confesses love to Yuvaan. Yuvaan gets worried for her. He doesn’t want a nice sweet girl like Amrit for fall in love with a guy like him. He tries to ignore her when she reaches him to clearly state her feelings. Amrit tells Yuvaan that she didn’t expect this day to come in their lives, but she has now fallen in love with him. He feels sorry for her and thinks he isn’t suitable for her. He decides to reject her love proposal for her betterment.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:
Akhilesh and Ira receive a big shock when they learn about Devina’s shocking pregnancy. Devina lies to Pushpa about Brijesh and her close relation. Devina plays the pregnancy drama so that Brijesh speaks up and gets exposed. Pushpa gives up on her marriage. She ends all hopes since she has lost to Devina forever. She decides to get away from the family and move to Haridwar. Pushpa drops her desires and unfulfilled relationship.


Ronak tells Muskaan that her innocence is proved to him. He has learnt about his father’s evil face. He didn’t expect his father to be such a big devil. He tells her that he can protect her only if he marries her. He asks Muskaan to understand his plan. He respects Muskaan and values her. Muskaan gets surprised when he proposes her for marriage. Before she could refuse to him, he decides her approval on her behalf. Ronak falsely marries Muskaan just to pretend. Ronak tells her that they will go home and openly begin a war with his dad, who is city’s evil Sir ji. Muskaan believes in Ronak and agrees to his plan. She hopes to find Aarti. She isn’t aware that Aarti is also at one of Sir ji’s house.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Aaliya’s mehendi ceremony brings happiness in Bhalla family. There is a big drama in between the celebrations. Raman has given a grand surprise to Aaliya. Ishita is also happy for Aaliya. Raman gets tension because of the goons, who break in to ruin the celebrations. Some goons come there to find Raman. They misbehave with everyone. Romi asks them what do they want. Goon asks him to call Raman Bhalla. He says Raman has invited us, we are his guests, he has taken a big loan from us, we have come to take interest.

Jijaji Chath Par Hai:

Murari apologizes to Pancham. Ilaychi tells Murari that Pancham is a hero, she trusts him, she knows he can never do wrong. She makes the game plan to catch the real thief. She gets her jewelry back. She learns that Birju is the thief. She beats him up. She gets the jewelry home. She proves Pancham’s innocent. Birju apologizes to Ilaychi. He tells her that he did everything to come close to her by acting heroic. She calls him a big fool. Murari and Karuna get happy to get precious jewelry back. Ilaychi asks them to thank Pancham, he has fought with goons and got the jewelry safe. She wants to make Pancham’s image good in front of her parents, so that she gets their permission to marry Pancham.

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