Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita faces another shocker

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita faces a shocker

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita faces another shocker… Bhallas go for the pre-wedding dinner. Ishita and Romi stay stressed about the expenses. They look for Raman. Rohan and Karan join everyone for the dinner. They get Kaushalya along and surprise Aaliya. Kaushalya tells them how excited she is for her son’s wedding. Raman joins them late. He asks them to enjoy the dinner and not have anything on mind. The family members share their feelings for each other. Rohan tells Kaushaya that he loves her immensely and he is proud to be her son. He feels blessed to have a selfless mum like her. He also sings praises of Aaliya. Everyone finds Rohan the best match for Aaliya. Aaliya speaks about the great Bhallas. She feels lucky that Raman and Ishita are so supportive of her. She tells them that she loves them a lot.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman tries to avoid the topic when everyone asks him to speak something about his love story. Raman tells them that trust is very important in marriage. He feels there is lack of trust in his relation. He loves Ishita as he trusts her a lot. He feels Ishita doesn’t trust him. Ishita tells him that sharing happiness and sorrow is also love. She clarifies that she has hidden things to protect her loved ones. She speaks her emotions and justifies her love. She wants Raman to understand her and always be supportive. Raman leaves from the dinner. He visits a hospital. Ishita looks for him and learns about Raman’s visit. She wonders why did Raman go to the hospital by leaving the dinner. Meanwhile, Raman is at the hospital and meets some friends. Ishita gets worried for him. She assumes that Raman is selling off his kidney for money.

She stops Raman from the kidney donation. Raman tells them that he is helping the people with funds. He asks Ishita to stop poking her nose in every matter. Ishita tells him that she has misunderstood the situation. He tells her that he was raising money for charity. He feels disappointed with Ishita’s interference and suspicion.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

He tells her that he is capable to manage his expenses and won’t take any mad step. Aaliya gets ready for the haldi ceremony. She turns too emotional. Ishita encourages her to move on in life. She tells her that she had to leave their house and go to Rohan’s house.

She is sure that Kaushalya will become a good mum-in-law. She asks Aaliya to always be her daughter. Above all, she showers Aaliya and fills confidence in her. Raman also tells Aaliya that he loves her a lot and she can come home any time she wants. Aaliya certainly knows their love and affection. Ishita thanks Raman for his kind words. Raman stays upset with him. She is scared of his impulsive decisions. She shares her worries with Romi. Romi decides to get Raman’s phone and spy on him. The family meets for the haldi ceremony. Rohan and Aaliya share a moment of happiness. Kaushalya also becomes a part of the celebrations. Rohan and Aaliya’s grand haldi ceremony kick starts. Finally, Aaliya gets her share of happiness. Ishita gets watching Raman to know the truth. Kaushalya proposes Ruhi and Karan’s marriage to Bhallas.

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