Ishq SubhanAllah: Zeenat to begin manipulative games

Ishq SubhanAllah: Zeenat to begin manipulative games

Ishq SubhanAllah: Zeenat to begin manipulative games… Kabeer and Zara share a romantic moment. They make plans of living a good future, once Ruksar comes back from hospital and divorce Kabeer. He tells her that he will try his best that Ruksar comes out of her coma and also leaves from their lives. He has high hopes that he will get rid of Ruksar. Zara fears for the worst consequences. Kabeer asks her not to have any tensions. He wants to live the moments well without any fear about future.

Meanwhile, Zeenat gets Ruksar home. She wants her sister to get fine soon. She supports Ruksar. She is afraid of losing Ruksar. Zeenat doesn’t want Kabeer to divorce to Ruksar, when Ruksar isn’t in her senses. Zeenat manipulates the situation for Ruksar’s sake. She wants to be true to Kabeer and Zara, but she is more inclined towards her sister.

Kabeer takes Ruksar to her room and asks her how did she like it. He tries hard to make her break the coma state. Kabeer gives her a rose and applies fragrance to her. He wants to know if Ruksar is doing a drama. His ideas don’t work. Ruksar sits still. Zara watches Kabeer’s attempts. She gets annoyed seeing Kabeer’s sweet gestures. She asks him if he has feed her food with so much love. She gets into an argument with Kabeer. She dumps the rose and asks Kabeer to stay away from Ruksar. Kabeer tells Zara that he is just playing a drama and she is well aware of this already.

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