Silsila: Kunal and Mauli’s shocking union

Silsila: Kunal and Mauli's shocking union

Silsila: Kunal and Mauli’s shocking union.. Kunal gets a huge shock when Nandini leaves from his life again. He was planning his marriage functions with Nandini. He didn’t imagine that Nandini would be refusing for the marriage. Kunal thinks Mauli is responsible for Nandini’s change. Kunal doesn’t know if he could love Mauli again and give her respect. He gets misconception that Mauli has ruined his happiness. He doesn’t want to get back to Mauli for the sake of the child. Mauli doesn’t want her baby to be called unwanted.

Meanwhile, Kunal meets Nandini. He wants to know where they failed to keep their relation. She tells him that she can’t marry him. She sacrifices her happiness knowing about Mauli’s pregnancy. Nandini takes the decision to get away from Kunal because of Mauli’s child. She doesn’t want the child’s future to get ruined. She gathers courage to explain her decision to Kunal. She explains him to return to Mauli, since Mauli is pregnant. She asks him to think of his child.

Kunal agrees with Nandini’s concern

Kunal He assures her that he will look after Mauli and the child. He tells her that he will be world’s best father, but he doesn’t want to return to Mauli. He tells her that they can together raise the child. He wants Nandini to become his wife. She refuses to his proposal. She asks him not to make things more tougher for her. Mauli has total belief in her relationship with Kunal. Nandini convinces Kunal to give another chance to Mauli and his marriage. She swears to God that she won’t have any relation with Kunal now.

She gives away their engagement ring to Kunal. They have an emotional hug and cry. Nandini wants to secure Mauli and the child’s future. Nandini sheds tears as its equally painful for her. She tells Kunal that she will be going far from him and won’t meet him again. Kunal feels shattered that she is breaking up with him. Dida keeps Mata Ki Chowki at home. She wishes some miracle happens.

Kunal unites with Mauli, but misses Nandini

She wants to see Kunal and Mauli united. Dida tells Mauli that she has a big belief and some miracle will happen. Kunal comes home at that time and tells Mauli that he wants to give another chance to their marriage. This brings happiness in the family. Yamini and Dida bless him. Kunal has returned to Mauli as Nandini has rejected his marriage proposal.

Kunal and Nandini have got separated, but they didn’t get away from their memories. He goes to washroom and sheds tears for Nandini. He doesn’t want Mauli or family to see his sorrow. He sees Nandini’s ring and cries thinking of her. He is upset thinking he may never meet Nandini again. He locks himself in the washroom and recollects his love vows with Nandini. He feels hard to bear the pain of separation. He doesn’t want Nandini to end all the ties with him. He wishes something happens that Nandini returns to him. Will Kunal and Mauli’s lives come on the right track? Keep reading for more on Silsila.

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  1. Who is writing this shit? “She sacrifices her happiness knowing about Mauli’s pregnancy”?
    You people know nandini and kunal would have been stoned to death in some countries? I would like that to happen in this fucking trash of a tv serial.

  2. Why makers are making this relationship more complicated…Kunal won’t be Happy with Mauli…His happiness is with Nandini…Kunal and Mauli doesn’t share the love like Kunal and Nandini…this will make serial more boring and worthless…you could have at least shown mauli as a Independent and single mother…they can raise a child with out living together..there are so many examples in the society… makers really think that child and mauli will be happy with Kunal…last but not least how Mauli being a gynac didn’t know for 3 months that she is pregnant…what kind of doctor she is…Kyu jabardasti ka twist la rahe ho…get some twist which has some sense..pls unite kunal and nandini…

  3. Such a stupid serial😣😣what stupidity are this making relationship a valueless thing… What is the message in this serial… We should cheat or best friend and our wife for one and only our happiness Woww that a selfish message making a great moral to society and some of the are supporting it too… Shame on this serial… Stop this non scene plzz… Give some respect to relationship marriage is not a funny thing.. Give respect to that relation please its a request

  4. Why are the makers showing Nandini as Mahan? She is a witch who destroyed the life of a friend who saved her.Also, they should show Mauli rejecting Kunal and Kunal not getting Nandini or Mauli. He deserves to stay alone. How convenient that they show Kunal going to Mauli when Nandini rejected him and in future when Nandini is back running back to her. The writers of this serial are giving a bad example to viewers that no matter how much the man hurts you or cheats you you should still accept him because you are scared to raise the child alone. Horrible example.

  5. Nandini’s n kunal’s character is bull shit. Even with such an understanding, loving, caring wife n friend they have broken her trust. Cant understand from where they bring courage to face mouli.

  6. bakwas serial mauli is kunal wife she as all the rights to fight with kunal nandini is second women in kunals life and she can’t take mauli place in her full life what nandini is doing she can get anyother in her life she is playing with maulis feelings even kunal is doing same with mauli kunal is so cheap for 1month love he is living 8 years of marriage life with mauli again he gets another women he goes their kunal is that type of person soooooo cheap serial discussting marriage is such a beautiful thing in everyone life is this it is showing like cheap and cheap realtionship this serial is teaching our society mens to do same thing with their wifes and to cheat best humanity 😤😤😤 i hate kunal and nandini relation.


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