YRKKH: Shocking drama amidst KaiRa romance

Yeh Rishta Kya Upcoming Shockers and Surprises

YRKKH…. Kartik and Naira spend some quality time and romance when the family prepares for the Raavan Dahan. Kartik and Naira have no idea about Raavan’s entry in the family. Kartik and Naira share cute and sweet romantic moments after a long time. They always bring romance in their lives, whatever situation they are in. They start an onset of rose petals by shooting the decorated arrows towards each other. They have a dreamy romance in reality. Kartik wants to keep Naira away from stress. He is trying to distract her from the stressful situations. He is an ideal husband for Naira. They both enjoy each other’s company, away from the family.

He doesn’t want her health to get affected by Akhilesh’s matters. They relive their old moments. He wants Naira to get happy like before. They both are trying to end Akhilesh’s annoyance. They get successful in bringing family together during Navratri festival, but the differences do exist.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai/YRKKH:

The Ramayan track is going on in the show. Samarth acts as a Raavan, who breaks the Goenkas brothers Manish and Akhilesh, who are like Ram and Laxman. Suwarna would be becoming Sita and support Manish through the tough times.

Dadi’s other son Samarth makes an entry in the family, only to shock Manish and Dadi. Manish tries to warn Akhilesh against believing Samarth. Dadi gets grieving over the past, which wasn’t in her control. Manish holds the connecting dots of the past, but doesn’t want to reveal it to anyone. Even Suwarna stays ignorant about the matter. Suwarna learns about Manish and Akhilesh’s other brother only after meeting him. Kartik and Naira have a cute romantic moment, when they teasingly play around and shoot the Raavans. He succeeds to bring a cheerful smile on her face. They also confess love for each other once again. Kartik tells her that they can unitedly fight with any problem. He unknowingly throws big challenges and boasts of their strengths.

They don’t want any evil enemy to come inside their family. Kartik and Naira want to protect their family, as they have already sworn. They look forward to unite the family and also postpone the immersion of Goddess idol till the house gets united.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai/YRKKH

Furthermore, Kartik learns about Samarth’s relation with the Goenkas. He didn’t imagine that a big relation will be hidden from him. Kartik questions Manish about Samarth’s past, why the Goenkas disowned him. Samarth brings a puppet show to reveal his sobbing story to the world, how the Goenkas have been unfair to him and ended tied with him, just for the sake of family pride. Samarth covers up his mistakes and puts Dadi in bad light. Dadi gets surrounded by everyone’s suspicion and questions.

Dadi was fearing for her past’s relation comeback in this ugly manner. It turns much disappointing for Dadi. Samarth tries to gain sympathy from Kartik, Naira and rest of the family, so that he can easily get an re-entry in the family. Samarth joins the Goenka family only to shatter them apart. Will Kartik and Naira succeed to win the hearts of their two uncles, Akhilesh and Samarth? Keep reading.

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