Udaan: Suraj-Chakor to search for missing Anjor

Suraj gets higher

Udaan: Suraj-Chakor to search for missing Anjor… Chakor gets Suraj back by all her prayers. Suraj fulfills Chakor’s Karwachauth fast. Suraj reveals to her that a bomb is tied up to his body. Chakor gets a huge shock. She tries to threaten Rajeshwari about Vikram. She gets a bigger shock when she learns that Vikram got freed from the haveli. Suraj and Chakor realize that Anjor has freed Vikram. Chakor takes the help of police to get the bomb removed off Suraj’s body. Chakor learns that Anjor is missing. Suraj checks for Anjor in the haveli. Anjor has fallen in Vikram’s trap by losing her belief in Chakor. Chakor tells Suraj that Anjor’s life is in danger.

Rajeshwari targets Suraj and Chakor. She knows Anjor is their weakness. She wants to take revenge by harming Anjor. Inspector gets a news about a little girl admitted in the hospital. He tells them that the girl’s description matches with Anjor. He asks them to check at the hospital once. Chakor knows that Rajeshwari will try to take advantage of the situation. Suraj and Chakor reach the hospital and try to know if the girl is really Anjor. They face another hurdle. They take police’s help and try to solve the big mess. Suraj wants his daughter back.

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