Silsila: Time for Mauli’s unexpected big decision

Silsila: Time for Mauli's unexpected big decision

Silsila: Time for Mauli’s unexpected big decision… Kunal gets doubtful about Mauli’s pregnancy. Mauli rushes to save the little boy from an accident. Kunal observes that she was running just now and doesn’t feel any discomfort. He goes to Mauli to ask her if she is fine. Mauli falls down while saving the boy. She doesn’t feel any pain. Kunal wonders how did Mauli appear perfectly fine. He means that she should have worried for her baby in womb as well. He questions Mauli over her discomfort. He asks her how is she normal when she just fell. Mauli asks Kunal if he is doubting on her. Also, she tells him that she can never lie about her pregnancy. Kunal’s doubt doesn’t get resolved. Yamini takes Mauli for dancing with the ladies. The seed of suspicion grows in Kunal’s mind.

Undoubtedly, Kunal loves Nandini. Mauli observes Kunal’s sorrow. She feels like she is caging Kunal. She tells him that he is with her just to share the baby’s responsibility. Likewise, she understands that Kunal is doubting on her. She tells him that suspicion can’t live with them. Rather, she asks him to go to Nandini and live happy. She doesn’t want Kunal to hurt himself and her. Moreover, she knows there is no way to get Kunal back. Kunal suspects on Mauli’s pregnancy.

He isn’t aware that Mauli is really pregnant. He feels the family is playing a game with him again like the last time, when they lied about Dida’s illness. He backs out from the marriage, since he believes Mauli’s pregnancy is fake. Mauli also gets fed up by his constant suspicion. Mauli admits to him that she isn’t pregnant. She thinks her one lie can bring happiness for Kunal.

Silsila: Time for Mauli’s unexpected big decision

Kunal wants to live happily with Nandini. He is madly in love with Nandini. He rushes to Nandini’s house. He finds her doing Karwachauth puja for him. She does the rituals sadly while missing Kunal. He understands her sorrow. He stands in front of her so that she can complete the Karwachauth puja. Nandini wonders if she is imagining him. Kunal tells her that he is really with her. He completes Nandini’s fast.

They get emotional. She asks him why did he come when he should be with Mauli. He reveals to her that Mauli isn’t pregnant. He tells her how Mauli lied to separate them. Furthermore, he tells Nandini that he will always be with her. Nandini gets too happy and hugs him. Finally, Nandini feels Kunal is free of old bonds. They get happiness because of Mauli’s humble lie. Kunal and Nandini spend romantic moments and look ahead to their future together. Mauli returns love to her best friend. Mauli wants Kunal and Nandini’s happiness. Mauli makes a big sacrifice for the two dear people whom she loves a lot. Consequently, Kunal decides to marry Nandini.

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  1. The most disgusting characters r being portrayed as hero heroine. The mean selfish lustful people misusing the word love.

    Mauli is what love is all about and she should be glorified not playing songs deewana deewana for stupid Kunal and Nandini


  2. Very good Mauli, I salute you that u told a fake lie to bring kunan back together. We all r with you. If your hubby suspects u n doesn’t want to live with u forever n leave Nandini, u really have a very big heart, u r simply great. Hats off to your decision. Nobody in today’s world would live with that person who constantly suspects u. Kunal will never ever understand u that u r only perfect for him n not Nandini. Now if Nandini will never become mother, than again Kunal will come to live with u forever, n then u don’t accept Kunal. Let him go to Nandini. He will never become a father of any child except it’s own

  3. Shameless people.. being a doctor how can he do so… anyways if u r selfish you cant see anyone’s happiness and sacrifice!!! Getting disturbed with this line

  4. Really hats off to Mauli…. Such a great character and a strong woman…. You have taken a good decision… And in future if kunal comes back also don’t accept him not even for your child sake…. Never ever forgive those two people who cheated you.

  5. Really the best decision on behalf of Mauli.Now the serial must proceed in a manner that ever being together kunal and Nandni is not happy and kunal is aspecting Nandni to behave like Mauli in all prospect.Afterall mere attraction and physical lust is not love……

  6. Nandini never wanted to leave Kunal. She would have left somewhere not telling anyone if she really wanted to leave him. She is just waiting for him to return to her. Such a lustful and selfish lady. Kunal is the worst of the lot. Is he going to leave Nandini after he finds another attractive girl?
    I can understand if they showed Mauli and Kunal had problems in the marriage from the beginning or if they showed they were not happy with each other. But they showed them as ideal couple and then suddenly the husband loves another women. This is not realistic at all. I really hope Kunal and Nandini suffer a lot and realize their sins.


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