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Thapki is a very nice show connecting to all the masses. It’s a family drama and worth watching. I am always impressed by Thapki innocence and truthfulness. Women of every age like Thapki for her simplicity and straightforwardness. Teenagers have chosen Thapki as their favourite icon while Thapki impressed the older generation as the favorite bahu or beti. Basically this is a show which is neat, without any extramarital affairs, where we can see along with our kids. But now the show has taken a turn by making Dhruv Pandey’s character negative and grey. Thapki and Bihaan love each other and they are very happy. But Dhruv can’t digest this fact and trying hard to win back Thapki in his life again, even plans to kill his own brother… I think the creative team should not make the story lengthy and expose Dhruv’s evil intentions in front of the family very soon. We want to see Thapki’s and Bihaan’s marriage and their happiness.

These days family conflicts and conspiracies became common thing. The shows are focusing more on murder mysteries rather than old conventional themes. In DABH, the show brings new themes like terrorists, plane hijack, missile attack, and now murder track. Mohit’s murder mystery is dragged to much extent. Sooraj, Emily, Lokesh are under suspicion of crime. I think they are taking the blame on themselves to cover up Bhabho or Pari. The makers should not show such close relations to be murderers. Mohit’s extra marital affair or his greed for money was not like he should be killed by his mother or daughter. Children should not be shown for such crimes. It brings negative impact on the viewers who watch the serial with families including children. I have read news of Bhabho or Pari being murderer.

The makers could show an accidental death. Rathi family known for good family values should not cover up murderers. Sandhya is in Shock and can’t believe that Sooraj can kill his younger brother, yeah it’s true that he is really caring and loving brother, he can’t take such a drastic step. From many days the viewers are waiting for the suspense to be revealed. I hope the suspense will end soon. We want to see Sooraj and Sandhya happy moments as they are made for each other. Sooraj’s character is really nice. When Sooraj helped Sandhya in tackling down terrorists, why is he shown supporting a criminal? Sooraj should stand for truth. Just like Sandhya does. She stands for truth even when it’s against her family. Sooraj should not play with law and Sandhya’s emotions. I think murder culprit should be out of family to keep Rathi family goodwill.

I would definitely want to say this show is much diverted from its title Dream Girl. The show started with Laxmi, a small town girl having a dream to become Dream Girl and the main heroine of Navrang Studios. The story moves ahead as she comes to Mumbai to fulfill her dreams and her struggles to survive on her own. On the other hand, there is already a Dream Girl, Ayesha Sareen who is very clever and always tries to exploit others. When Ayesha got to know of finest acting skill of Laxmi, she got insecure and creates a lot of problems for Laxmi. Later on, Laxmi became Dream Girl and proved her acting skills, determination and Loyalty towards Navrang.

Then Ayesha’s truth came out, that she is hiding her look- alike sister for all these years, Samar and Laxmi got married. I think till here the story moved in the right manner. After that Manav and Samar got killed, Laxmi is not seen, where is she? Where is Dream Girl? The current track only revolves around cunning Ayesha who always busy in making plans which benefit herself. There is a new entry in the show called Raghu. Ayesha got impressed by Raghu and trying hard to impress him. Again she started using Aarti for her bad plans. I think the Creative team should think that the show is going nowhere as it lost its track of a journey of a girl Laxmi. Firstly, they should make exit to Ayesha’s character and bring back Manav and Laxmi. Hope to see the changes soon.