Suraj-Chakor on verge of love confessions in Udaan


Chakor tries telling Vivaan that Ranjana has killed Manohar. Vivaan refuses to listen to anything. Ranjana’s secret does not come out. Chakor and Suraj try their best to meet, but could not meet because of Ragini. Ragini tells the villagers that she has arranged a special bus for them which will take them to Sitapur for celebrating holi. The villagers get glad and board the bus. Chakor and Suraj get to know the bus brakes are failed. Suraj rushes to save the villagers in a jeep, whose brakes are also failed.

Vivaan tells Imli that villagers should save their own lives and let Suraj die. Chakor fumes on meeting Bhaiya ji and tells him that she won’t let anything happen to Suraj, who is her love. She admits that she is madly in love with Suraj and can do anything for him. Kasturi, Bhuvan, Tejaswini and villagers decide that they will not let Suraj die. With destiny’s support, Suraj and Chakor come up with a plan to save the villagers. Chakor threatens Bhaiya ji and makes him change his plan. Chakor and Bhaiya ji aim gun at each other. Bhaiya ji sees Chakor’s love for Suraj and gets worried. Chakor tells him that now Suraj’s love matters the most to her.

After the car and bus brakes chapter, there will be celebrations seen. Vivaan surprises Imli and a cute moment is seen. Vivaan and Imli celebrate and dance with the entire villagers. Imli dreams of Vivaan. Chakor is happy that everyone’s lives got saved. Chakor and Suraj do not want to say feelings to each other. Chakor and Suraj drink bhaang. Chakor shows the attitude to Suraj. Suraj dances with someone to make Chakor jealous. Suraj has won hearts of entire villagers. Chakor comes back and dances with Suraj.