TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Udaan: Vivaan asks Chakor and Suraj to stop interfering in his life. He takes Imli to the village and drops her at her parents’ house. Seeing Vivaan behave so rudely, Kasturi asks Vivaan the matter. Vivaan tells everyone about Imli’s pregnancy, which brings a joy on everyone’s face. Vivaan then tells that he is not the father of Imli’s unborn shock. Being much shocked, Bhuvan and Kasturi demand an answer from Imli about the child’s father. Suraj gets blamed for ruining Vivaan and Imli’s marriage. Imli insists that its Vivaan’s child, but no one believes her. Bhuvan throws Imli out of his house.

Meri Durga: Durga comes back home by taking lift from a govt. officer. Yashpal feels proud hearing good things about Durga. Durga realizes Amrita did not tell Yashpal about her low marks in the test. She gains courage and tells Yashpal about failing in the test, despite working hard. She fears his reaction, but does not want to cheat him by lying about high marks. Durga’s honesty and courage touch Yashpal’s heart. He feels more proud of little Durga for holding courage to speak out the truth to him. He asks her to be determined and work hard to achieve good marks in next exam.

Devanshi: Devanshi takes wedding rounds with Vardaan and asks him to fill her hairline with sindoor, so that their marriage gets completed. Kusum Sundari calls Devanshi mad to marry a dead guy. Devanshi’s faith wins. Everyone sees Maiyya’s miracle when Vardaan comes back to life by Devanshi’s true devotion. Vardaan puts sindoor in Devanshi’s hairline, which completes their marriage. Kusum Sundari loses out in her evil intentions after Devanshi and Vardaan unite. The villages regard Devanshi as the supreme power sent by Maiyya in Jwalapuri. They takes Devanshi’s blessings after witnessing the miracle when Vardaan came back to life. Devanshi decides to find solid evidence against Kusum Sundari to get her arrested.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:
Raj finds Rani’s mehendi rituals dull. He adds some spice in the rasam by dancing with some girls. He makes Rani jealous. He gives the ghunghat to all the girls. He says Rani did not do any work straight till now, so even her mehendi should be something different. He makes the girls dance and compete. Rani dances with Raj and wins the competition. Raj compliments Rani.


Everyone cry seeing Jaggi on wheelchair. Gopi cries and feels much guilty. Sita sheds tears for Jaggi. Urmila and Kokila also get sad seeing the fate twist in Jaggi’s life. Jaggi says its matter of some days, I m on wheelchair to give everyone a chance to care for me. He stays positive. He tells Sita that from now she is his daughter and his responsibility. Jaggi wanted to make Sita his bahu. After Ricky’s decision, Gopi and Jaggi accept Sita as daughter. Kokila is sure that Jaggi will recover soon. Gopi is upset with Jaggi’s behavior. She goes to kitchen to make soup for Jaggi and cries. Kokila meets Jaggi and asks him about the chain and locket, which disappeared after the accident. Kokila tries finding out about Jaggi’s accident.

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai:

Rishabh and Abhimanyu won’t lose to each other so soon. They both have a fight. Rishabh has enmity in heart, while Abhimanyu is mad in revenge. Abhimanyu was the main culprit. His secret came out in front of Rishabh. Rishabh says you are very clever, but you will get punished for every crime you have committed, you did wrong with Gitanjali. Abhimanyu says I want to say the same, you will get punished for your crime, I have taken revenge and proved your sister mad. Abhimanyu has taken revenge for his sister Ragini’s death. Ragini’s mystery will be coming out soon.


Soumya and Harman sleep outside the ashram. Soumya wakes up and feels Aditya is in problem. She tells Harman that she should go and see Aditya. They rush inside the orphanage. They don’t find Aditya there. Harman asks Chadda to say truth, where is Aditya, else he will kill her. Chadda says I don’t know anything. Soumya hears a car sound and asks Harman to come fast. They go out and see the car leaving. Harman and Soumya follow the car to find Aditya.