Ishita to unite Nikhil and Ruhi in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman gets angry on knowing Ruhi has gone to meet Nikhil at his place. He gets to know Ruhi’s decision of marrying Nikhil. He decides to confront Ruhi and get answers from her. Ruhi assures Raman that there is nothing left between Nikhil and her, and she has moved on. Ruhi promises to focus on her career. Raman hopes Ruhi sticks to her promises. Ishita gets to know about Pooja’s sister’s ex boyfriend, who cheated her in love. She invites the guy home having a plan in mind. Ishita learns that Nikhil is totally innocent and was helping Pooja’s sister secretly. Ishita realizes Nikhil is not involved in Pooja’s sister’s pregnancy and suicide. She wants to clear the matter with Pooja’s family as well as Raman.

Ruhi seeks help from Mani to arrange a musical program for Bala and Kiran. Mani and Shagun arrange a special musical bachelors party for Bala. Raman and Bala get bored in the party. Ishita shares her findings with Aaliya, and decides to meet Nikhil. Aaliya tells her that she will come along, maybe Nikhil will listen to her. On meeting Nikhil, they both get disappointed by his rude behavior. Ishita understands Nikhil is hiding Pooja’s sister’s matter and wants them to stay away. Raman feels lucky to save Ruhi from a fraud Nikhil on time. He tells Ishita that Ruhi will get a true life partner. Ishita tries to prove Nikhil’s innocence to everyone. She decides to unite Ruhi with her true love Nikhil.