An ugly accusation on Parmeet breaks family in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ruhi apologizes to Ishita. Romi doesn’t want Ruhi to apologize to him. Ishita makes Ruhi apologize to Romi. Ruhi apologizes to him and promises she will never repeat this. Romi forgives her. The family gets together for the Navratri puja. Raman stays annoyed with Ishita and Ruhi. He doesn’t want to have any devotion show up and leaves from the house. Mihika asks him to mend himself for the children. She asks Raman to just think if he is at fault by limiting children so much. She asks Raman to move Ruhi towards her good, by making Ruhi realize her mistake by some other way. Mihika takes Ruhi’s slapping Romi seriously. She stays miffed with Ruhi.

Raman apologizes to Mihika from Ruhi’s side. Adi also stays annoyed with Ruhi as he is against Nikhil. Ishita gets angry as Raman doesn’t want to understand Ruhi ever. She feels their bond can never get fine. Aaliya pacifies her. Ruhi complains to Ishita what Raman did. She is hurt that Raman has given all the projects to Adi than her. Ishita tells Ruhi that even Adi has worked hard on projects and maybe Raman found him deserving. Ruhi gets angry when Ishita takes Adi’s side. Ishita wishes Raman’s anger gets down. Raman doesn’t pay attention to Ishita.

Kiran gets angry seeing Parmeet with Shitija. He consoles Shitija when she missed Vandu. Kiran scolds him and asks him to keep himself away from her daughter. Parmeet gets offended. Bala takes Kiran’s side and doesn’t trust Parmeet, as he has tried to molest Ishita in the past. Kiran and Bala get together to teach Parmeet a lesson, even when Parmeet is innocent this time. Simmi defends Parmeet and tells them that Parmeet has changed a lot. Ruhi and Shagun keep Pihu and Ananya away from the arguments. Ishita asks them to solve the matter in a peaceful away. Kiran blames Parmeet to have bad intentions. She tells Simmi that she is much protective about Parmeet. Simmi demands Ishita to answer Kiran. Ishita doesn’t oppose Kiran, which angers Simmi. Parmeet gets frustrated and tries to commit suicide. Ishita gets divided between Bhalla and Iyer family.