Naren and Pooja’s much awaited union next in Piyaa Albela


Naren sadly sees Pooja. He doesn’t want to marry Surbhi, but gets helpless to sit in mandap with her. Naren was exchanging Jaimala with Surbhi. The most awaited drama begins. Pooja asks Naren is he running away from her love. Naren hides his tears. Supriya stops him and tells him that he can just marry Pooja. She tells him Pooja’s love for him is true. Pooja has exposed Mr. Kapoor. She had fixed a screen near the mandap. Naren sees Mr. Kapoor accepting all the crimes. Pooja shows the conversation to everyone. Naren feels guilty.

He loses his cool on learning Rahul and Surbhi’s plan. He slaps Surbhi and tears the garlands. Rahul had made the plan to send Naren to jail. Pooja didn’t wish that to happen. Naren beats up Rahul. Pooja has proved Rahul’s lies.


Pooja denies all the evidences which created a rift between Naren and her. Rahul and Surbhi’s track ends. Pooja took a big risk by postponing their union. Even then, she succeeds in bringing the truth out. Pooja and Naren will be uniting. He apologizes to her as he couldn’t see her truth. She forgives him. They unite forever. She tells him that none can separate them now. Their new story will begin. Surbhi is left alone in the mandap. Naren confesses love to Pooja in front of everyone. She has won his love. They have emotional moments.