Shakti: Realization time for Preeto


Preeto helps Soumya and the kinners on kitchen. Soumya asks Preeto not to work, they will manage. Saaya sees Preeto. She thinks time is mighty and it can change anyone, when Preeto was left by the family, she didn’t get help from the society too, just Soumya has helped her. Preeto has realized her mistakes. Preeto never expected she will go through such a time in her life. She feels she has don e much wrong, she did big mistake to misunderstand kinners. Preeto cooks the food for kinners. The kinners praise her and try to make her comfortable.

Preeto asks them to make her work, else she will feel more low. She requests Saaya to allow her. Saaya asks Preeto to do work if it gives her satisfaction. Preeto accepts her mistakes and apologizes to Saaya. Preeto tells her that she has changed and now she has no enmity with Soumya. Saaya still doubts on her. She wants to give a chance to Preeto and see if she has really changed into a better person. Preeto tells Saaya that this house is like a temple for her, and she wants to serve them by her heart. Preeto is staying in kinner house with a hope with Harman can change his mind and forgive her. She cooks Harman’s favorite food for him. She thinks she can convince Harman. Will Preeto’s motherly emotions touch Harman’s heart again? Keep reading.