KaiRa’s well-planned drama backfires in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira's big surprise for Kartik

Dadi keeps a Shanti puja at home. The puja goes on well. Kartik and Aryan become part of the puja, with no clashes. Naksh, Kirti and Singhanias learn Aryan’s truth of being Manish and Suwarna’s son. Dadi fears Singhanias will react badly at this shocking news. Singhanias accept Aryan heartily. Kartik and Naira plan a play around Lord Krishna’s life. Naksh and Kirti become host and welcome everyone to witness a story of Lord Krishna. They narrate the life journey of Krishna. They try to bring Suwarna and Aryan closer, by telling about Devki parting with Krishna post his birth. They ask the family to think of Devki, who gave birth to her child and parted away, what she has gone through after separation. Kartik explains that Krishna never had hatred for his mother. He expects Aryan to forgive Suwarna and accept her as his mother.

Kartik and Naira play Vasudev and Devki. They bring an emotional moment when they show Devki giving away Krishna and sacrificing her happiness. Kartik wants to explain Goenka family about Suwarna’s sacrifice. They relate Devki and Krishna’s story with Suwarna and Aryan/Shubham. The family understands what Kartik and Naira are trying to highlight.


While Manish and Dadi give up their anger, Aryan gets much annoyed thinking of his struggles. He angrily breaks things around. He asks them to stop this drama, as his life is not a joke. He scolds Suwarna for planning all this. He tells them that Suwarna is not a good person, she didn’t give any sacrifice. He says Suwarna has played a big game, she would have told me to play this role, each line would have been from my heart, this story doesn’t relate to me in any way, Devki has left her child as she has lost seven children before, she has fear for her eighth child’s life, but Suwarna didn’t have any such fear, Devki is justified, but Suwarna can never justify herself for throwing me away without any reason.

He doesn’t want to forgive Suwarna. He says Suwarna is acting great, she is showing she has made big a sacrifice, but the truth is she has compelled me to live a poor life. He calls Kartik foolish to believe Suwarna. He says you all are comparing her with Devki and Yashoda, she is not equal to even dirt of their feet. Kartik gets upset hearing bitter things spoken against Suwarna.

Naira tries to defend Suwarna. Aryan says whoever goes through the pain can understand this, I can never forgive Suwarna, she has made a luxuries world for herself and left me to struggles, I can never have any relation with her. He throws a pot at Suwarna in rage. He doesn’t care if she gets hurt. Kartik comes in between and saves her. Aryan asks Kartik till when will he save Suwarna, sinner has to get punished some day. He doesn’t want to talk to Suwarna. He wants her to get punished so that his heartache can get less. Manish feels sympathy for Aryan. Aryan elaborates his pain. Aryan’s anger gets raised by Kartik’s play. Kartik asks Aryan to get quiet, he has all the rights to get angry on his own mum, not he can’t blame Suwarna, since she is his mum too. He asks Aryan not to tell a word against Suwarna. Aryan foils KaiRa’s plans. Manish too leaves with Aryan. Kartik puts the water in havan and ends the puja, getting much upset. Kartik apologizes to Suwarna, as his plan badly backfired.