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Porus: Ambi succeeds to save Porus. Shivdutt pushes Anusuya down the river. He ruins her image in Bamni’s eyes. He tells him that Anusuya has dropped Porus in the river and took his life. Bamni develops hatred for her. Bamni gets depressed. Porus’ life falls in danger, but he gets saved by the pirates.


Chakor meets Imli to challenge her that she will ruin her evil kingdom with her truth and goodness. Imli and Chakor have an argument. Imli doesn’t think Chakor can do anything against her. Imli has become her enemy. Chakor scolds her for ruining Suraj’s life. Imli tells her that Suraj will never remember her, she has lost him forever. Chakor tries to remind the past to Suraj. Suraj threatens her to stay away, else he will kill her. Chakor wants Suraj to realize she is his wife. Suraj has lost his memories. Chakor has to deal with Imli and Ranvijay first. Suraj becomes their shield and stops Chakor from reaching them. Suraj locks Chakor in the haveli. Chakor gets helpless when her love becomes a barrier.

Piya Albela:

Harsha calls the pandit to do a puja for Pooja’s recovery. Neelima and Surbhi lie to Pooja that Harsha is trying to send her away from Nare and family, she has called pandit to take her away. Pooja gets tensed and tells everyone that she will not go. Pooja refuses to go with Harsha. She resists, while Harsha falls down the stairs. The family worries for Harsha. Supriya scolds Pooja for pushing Harsha down the stairs. Pooja tells them that they didn’t push Harsha. Surbhi blames Pooja for beating her. Pooja tells them Surbhi is lying. She angrily goes to beat Surbhi.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:
Kanak faces sorrow when Uma reminds her that they are divorced now. Bhabho supports Kanak in the tough phase. Uma is marrying Paulmi. He is breaking his ties with Kanak. He wants to turn stone hearted. He doesn’t know Kanak has given him divorce because of Maasi’s plans. He gets into an argument with Kanak. Kanak expresses her feelings to him in an indirect way. Bhabho wants to bring Uma and Kanak closer.


Harman throws Harak away and beats him up. Soumya and Preeto ask him not to hurt Harak. They see Harman’s anger. Preeto can’t see Harman doing such a mistake to beat his dad. Harman tells her that his anger is justified, Harak has done a big mistake by making a relation with Mohini, do they want to hear Harak’s deeds. He asks them to check the reports if they don’t believe him. The news break Preeto’s heart. Harman gets angry knowing Harak cheated Preeto. Harak too gets surprised by the news.

Laado 2:
Anushka and Yuvraaj try to reach Mannu, who gets kidnapped by Ranveer’s goons. The goons doesn’t know Yuvraaj is from same village and he knows the shortcuts to reach them. Anushka gets a leg twist while crossing the jungle route. Yuvraaj lifts her and walks. They like each other and bond more. The goons then kidnap Anushka. Yuvraaj tries to find her.

Dil Dhoondta Hai:
Raavi exposes Sonia’s truth to everyone. They all try to kick out Sonia from the chawl. Sonia resists and pushes Aaji away. Aaji gets injured. Rishi gets angry seeing this. Raavi takes care of Aaji. Rishi warns Sonia to leave, else he will call police to get her arrested.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Vijay and Anant have a bachelors’ party. They dance and enjoy in the party. The dancers arrive to entertain the guests. Vijay turns uncomfortable seeing the female dancers. During the mehendi ceremony, Mandira and Bulbul show their style in a short play. They dance with their friends. Mandira falls down and gets her mehendi spoiled. She turns upset.

Tu Aashiqui:
Purva feels JD’s demands are unfair. She tells JD that Pankti has always tolerated his tortures, she doesn’t need to pay anything for her freedom. Anita asks Purva not to anger JD, as they can faill in trouble. Ahaan calmly requests JD to leave Pankti. JD gets cheaper and asks Ahaan about the price he would pay for Pankti’s freedom. He keeps a toguh condition in front of Ahaan. He asks him to pay ten crores in ten days. He also clears the penalty terms, that Ahaan would have to marry the girl of his choice if he fails to fulfill his condition.

Rudra tries his best to stop Shivay from leaving the house. However, Shivay doesn’t change his decision. He stops Rudra from his stupidity to threaten his life. He fills up responsibilities in his mind and hopes Rudra and Gauri will manage the house till Omkara returns. Shivay and Anika leave the house with sunken hearts. Dadi fears the family will shatter with Shivay’s departure. Shivay and Anika decide to start a new life in Goa. They leave for Goa and come across a tough situation, when a bus gets hijacked. Shivay turns to his action avatar to save the children from the goons.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

Anami gets weeping in Lakshya’s memory. She thinks of the troubles he is facing at the kidnappers’ den. Her worries get increasing. Anami falls asleep while resting in Satrupa’s lap and calls her Maa. Satrupa gets much delighted on hearing Maa from Anami. She vows to get Lakshya back. She gets updates from her trustworthy servant. Narottam suspects Sudha to be involved in Lakshya’s kidnapping. He warns her against stopping her evil doings, else he will himself expose her truth. Sudha thinks Narottam is forgetting his revenge motives. She angrily contacts Purushottam and asks him to kill Anami.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Aarohi feels the threat on her family because of Tara’s madness. She asks her brother and Bhabhi to use codes to identify her. She doesn’t want them to land in trouble by any confusion.
Deep gets worried for Tara. Tara meets Deep and gives him an ultimatum. She asks Deep to save her by covering up her crime once again. Lakshya decides to trust Aarohi and find out Tara’s mystery.

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

Rehaan gets a huge shock knowing Ahana married Anant to settle scores with Laila. He thinks Ahana’s fake love won’t survive for long and its time he should alert Anant about her plans. He waits for Anant and Ahana’s return from their honeymoon trip. Ahana gets disappointed with Anant when the things doesn’t go as she planned. She was planning to romance Anant and make the most of their trip. Their age difference gets in between as a hurdle in their romance. Anant doesn’t match up to her thinking and expectations.