Naamkarann (PicFiction): Neil to learn something surprising about Avni

heartbreaking Neil Avni

Neil gathers the evidence against Kamini. He fails her completely. He scolds Mitali for taking Avni’s statement randomly. Avni tells Neil that its not Mitali’s mistake. Neil then apologizes to Mitali. Neil and Avni take Mogli home. Avni wants to assure that Mogli stays safe and happy. Avni gets an emotional union with Mogli. Neil apologizes to her. He tells her that she will always have a right on their son. He feels he has gone blind in anger and adamancy. He couldn’t see Mogli’s happiness before. He tells her that he is sure that Mogli can stay happy only with her. He wants to give Mogli’s custody to her legally, knowing she can give him the best life.

He doesn’t want to count on Mitali for raising Mogli. He finds Avni a strong and independent woman. He likes the fact that she is able to survive and sustain on her own. He asks her to take Mogli home so that Mogli stays happy.

He tells Avni that he will always be with them to help. He doesn’t want to cage Mogli. He wants Mogli to go with Avni and stay happy. He asks Mogli to live happy. Avni wishes him all the best. Avni asks Neil and Mitali to have a good married life. Prakash wishes Avni and Neil reconcile. Avni feels Neil and she got divorced by now. Prakash tells her that Neil and she are made for each other. She feels she has parted with Neil forever and their ways can never unite. She wants Neil to move on in life with Mitali.

Prakash still keeps hope. Saisha receives a parcel from Vidyut, which police hands her over after his death. She gets shocked by seeing a video. She decides to meet Neil, who is starting a new life. Neil gets sure of his decision. Saisha meets Neil. Neil apologizes to her for the troubles. Saisha tells him that Avni shouldn’t be punished, as she was never at fault. She tells him that Avni has saved Prakash from a big blame, she has made many sacrifices in the past. Neil gets to know a big thing about Avni, that she has saved Prakash from Neela’s murder blame, which was imposed by a clever criminal like Vidyut. He realizes Avni’s goodness and feels indebted to her. He meets Avni to get a final word from her. He realizes his happiness lies in Avni and Mogli.