High Five Spoilers


Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai:
During holi fest, Gitanjali gets a letter. She gets shocked reading the letter. There lies a mystery behind the letter.


Gopi has come back home with her son. Rocky tells Gopi that she can’t keep him here for long. He argues with Jaggi. Kokila says this is your house, you stay for some days and then decide if you want to stay back or not. She asks Rocky to give them a chance to win his heart. Gopi lost Rocky when her son got swapped by Vidya in the hospital at the time of birth. This truth came out in front of Gopi now.


Shivdutt is angry on Virendra and Chapla. Shivdutt captures Virendra. Chandrakanta comes there. Shivdutt asks her to leave, as she will not like seeing the tortures. Chandrakanta can’t see this and asks Shivdutt to leave Virendra. He gets angry on Chapla fooling him as princess. He gets to know Chandrakanta cheated him and wanted to test him. Chandrakanta tells him that Chapla just followed her command, and its not her mistake. She makes Shivdutt leave Chapla. She manages to stop his cruelty.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:

Dev and Sonakshi’s distance is ending slowly. Suhana has become the reason for getting them close. Dev and Sonakshi are the the vacation camp. Dev gets hurt. Suhana runs to him. She calls Dev as Papa, which gives much happiness to Dev. Sonakshi also wants Suhana to call Dev as Papa. Sonakshi gets surprised hearing Suhana. Dev wins in the game round and gets a prize for Suhana.


Ali and Riya collide in the market place. Riya scolds him. They have enmity since childhood. Ali asks her to pay for the earrings, which she damaged. She asks him to pay for her outfit, which is more costly. He gets angry on her for throwing the earrings. He asks her to pay for earrings if she wants to go home. She insults him. Ali gives her money to buy a mirror and see her face. On the other hand, Neil’s mum’s car hits Avni’s car. Avni and Neil’s mum get into an argument.

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Baba plans to kill Yuvraaj by burning him in the holika dahan. He wants to earn superpowers by killing Yuvraaj. Suhani gets to see Yuvraaj getting locked in the coffin. When she exposes Baba in front of Dadi, she gets a shock seeing dry grass inside the coffin instead Yuvraaj. Baba scolds Dadi for all this. Suhani does not know how Yuvraaj disappeared.


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