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Ghulaam: Veer challenges Rangeela to make Shivani gain weight in 10 days. Rangeela accepts the challenge and starts taking care of Shivani. Rangeela finds Shivani drunk during the holi celebrations. He takes drunk Shivani to his housse so that he can hide her from Veer and entire family in the haveli. Shivani makes Rangeela dance and gets happy. Rangeela obeys her to make her calm down.


Naina gets to know someone changed the organic colors on Holi, which she got for Karan. She finds the organic colors in storeroom. She specially ordered for Karan, so that he does not have any reaction. She gets to know Sandhya came to storeroom. Naina can’t believe Sandhya has done this.


Devanshi decides to reveal her true identity in front of Vardaan. Before she could tell Vardaan, the truth comes out in a wrong way in front of entire village. Kusum tells everyone that Devanshi has cheated them by hiding her truth. Vardaan gets angry with Devanshi for lying to him, who regards her very important in his life. Vardaan too feels cheated and does not know how to trust Devanshi.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door:

Vividha covers up for Madhav when Atharv gets a doubt on him. Atharv gets a car for Madhav and asks him to play with him. Madhav wins the game. Vividha keeps an eye on Guddi. She sees Guddi taking food for Suman. She recalls Madhav’s words that he has seen Suman. She follows Guddi and gets close to see Suman. Vividha thinks why is everyone so strange here. She wonders who is inside the room, whom she did not see till now. She doubts if Suman is related to the strange incidents happening with Madhav.

Anika wonders how Shivay made her leave the room and asked for space. She gets hurt. She feels its her mistake to question him. She is troubled by the dream. She thinks Shivay is right to argue. On the other hand, Shivay thinks to do something and leave from the place to reach his family. He angrily throws the vase and gets to know the security. Fake Shivay has evil plans to rob the jewelry. He thinks where Pinky kept the locker keys. Pinky wakes up and goes to get water.


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