Shivay to undergo a fatal risk in Ishqbaaz


Omkara and Gauri arrive at Shivay’s house. Gauri sheds tears. Shivay asks the problem. Omkara and Gauri reveal what happened. Shivay learns about Gauri’s Shraddh done by Tej. Shivay and Anika decide to keep Rudra and Bhavya’s togetherness function. Shivay calls up Dadi to talk about Tej. Pinky answers the call and gets emotional talking to her son. She asks him to come back home. He asks her about Gauri’s Shraddh. He tells her that its not good times anymore, the family is really breaking up. He asks her if she tried to stop Tej from doing Gauri’s Shraddh.

Pinky tells him that she failed to stop Tej when he has thrown out Shivay from the house. She tells him that the family is no more together and if he is still after his brothers, he should forget his mum. Shivay turns much upset with the family breaking. Anika pacifies him. Shivay tells her that everything is in mess, how can they complete Rudra and Bhavya’s marriage. She tells him that they should just sort the matter, and his brothers need him the most. He thinks Rudra’s marriage functions can give them a chance to unite the elders. He plans the marriage function in Oberoi house.

He vows to unite his family. Shivay and Anika try to cheer up Gauri. Shivay promises her that he will always stand for her and make her rights intact. Anika asks Gauri to forget everything. Shivay gives shagun to Gauri and tells her that she will always be an Oberoi bahu. Shivika plans to carry out the functions. Anika observes Shivay’s health suffering. Shivay tells her that he is fine. Rudra and Bhavya’s pre-wedding functions begin. Anika and Gauri teach Bhavya some styles and attitude. Shivay and Omkara try to give some tips to Rudra. Rudra tells them that he is ready to bear any torture as its really a fun. Rudra complains to his Bhabhis about his brothers.

Bhavya gets emotional seeing their bonding and misses her family. Rudra tells her that his family is also hers. Anika and Gauri keep the groom and bride away. They try to spread out happiness. Tej learns Omkara and Gauri have gone to Shivay. Pinky tells Tej that she knows Tej is doing this to trouble Shivay more. She gets into an argument with him. She asks him not to burden Shivay with more problems. Tej blames Shivay for snatching his sons. The couples sing and dance happily. Shivay gets affected by the poison fed by Veer. Shivay collapses, much to his family’s shock.


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