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    Ishqbaaz: Shivay decides to send the family back home. He wants to save them from dangerous intentions of Veer. The family refuses to leave them. Rudra wants to get married in Shivay’s presence. Shivay tells them that marriage won’t happen if they stay back. He reveals to them about his secret enemy. He tells his brothers that his enemy is ruining him down and he is suffering financially. He reveals that he has lost everything, someone has targeted his business. He asks them to be safe and take Anika along. Anika refuses to go. Veer comes to surprise them. He thinks Shivay is really stressed after his investor died.

    Meri Durga:

    Sanjay wants to stop Durga from signing the deal with Aarti’s dad. Yashpal, Annapurna and Rana try to know what made Durga take this decision to withdraw her name from the national championship. Sanjay reveals to them about the deal Durga is going to sign. He tells them that Durga is sacrificing her happiness, dreams and career just to save their property and business from Aarti’s dad. He asks them to convince Durga against sacrifice her dreams. Yashpal and Annapurna feel proud of Durga, who chose her in-laws over everything. They don’t oppose her. Sanjay asks them to explain Durga, but they instead support Durga. They bless Durga and ask her to go ahead to complete the deal.


    Shweta plans to keep Avni away from Neil, so that Avni doesn’t learn the truth about Neela’s death. She wishes the reports clear out Neil’s name. She asks Bebe to support her in this task. She wants Avni and Neil to be together always. Avni gets emotional seeing Neil. She feels lucky to have him in her life. She feels Neela’s decision to get them married was the best decision. Avni and Neil have few cute moments. Avni finds tough to accept that Neela has left her forever. Avni shows her belief in Neil. Neil feels guilty. He tries to tell her about Neela’s death. Bebe interrupts them. Bebe and DD don’t let Neil talk to Avni. They stop Neil in nick of the time.


    Ishita is asked to leave from Bhalla house. Aaliya gets scared of Parmeet. Ishita stays back with Aaliya, who asks Raman not to leave Ishita ever. Aaliya tells them that they are made for each other. Raman doesn’t understand her words. Raman and Ishita take care of Aaliya. Parmeet and Simmi worry that Raman and Ishita are getting closer. Raman reprimands Ishita for using Aaliya to come in his life. He asks her not to take advantage of Aaliya’s weak state. Ishita doesn’t react and decides to teach a lesson to Simmi, who fed the nonsense in his mind.


    Kartik and Naira have annoyance between them. Suwarna tries to talk out the matter. She senses everything is not fine between them. Kirti learns the consignment is rejected, because of the bad quality. The client threatens to shut her business if she cheats him in the order delivery next time. Kirti doesn’t understand how did the things go wrong. She hides the matter from Naksh. She gets scared to tell him about the loss. Naira finds Kartik sleeping in the kids’ room. She asks him the reason for leaving their room. He complains about her snoring. She gets aback by his behavior. She feels he is finding new excuses to stay away from her. Misunderstandings grow between them, since they fail to emote right.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Lal Mahal prepares for Anami’s birthday. Dada ji wants everything to be perfect. He asks Satrupa to make sure that Anami doesn’t feel anything bad. Satrupa tells them that Anami may not celebrate her birthday, since she has lost her foster parents. Anami refuses to celebrate her birthday. She tells them that she never celebrated birthdays in her life. Satrupa tries to convince her. She tells Anami about Vatsalya’s wish to celebrate birthday with his sister. Anami tells her that she has bitter memories of her birth, as she was abandoned by her mother. Satrupa asks her to trust her, she has given her away just to save her life. She feels sorrowful that she has lost Vatsalya even after making such a big sacrifice. She asks Anami to give them a chance to make a new start.


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