Naamkarann: Trouble knocks Neil’s family


Neela’s mourning ceremony goes on. Police arrives to arrest Prakash for Neela’s murder. Neil gets a huge shock. Commissioner tells Neil that he has enough evidence against Prakash. The family asks commissioner not to arrest Prakash. Shweta and Bebe break down. Prakash surrenders and feels guilty. Neil and Avni want to help him.

Avni receives Vidyut’s phone call. Vidyut blackmails Avni. He tells her that he will kill Neil if she wants this to happen before marrying him. He scares her a lot. He asks her to see her family breaking. He sends her a gift. She finds a bridal dress and gets angered. He tells her that she will need to turn into a widow first and then become his bride. Avni gets worried for Neil. She runs to find Neil. The family asks Avni if there is any problem. Avni hears a blast sound. Vidyut asks Avni to check if Neil is alive or dead.

Avni finds Neil fine. She gets relieved. Vidyut tells Avni everything that’s happening in her house. She doesn’t know how Vidyut knows everything when he is away. He tells her that his threatening will turn into reality with her refusal.

Avni tries to explain the commissioner that Vidyut is planning everything against Neil and her. Prakash shoots himself, which becomes shocking for the family. Avni feels Vidyut can do anything and make her family suffer. She doesn’t want this to happen. Avni and Neil go through a lot of sorrow. What will Avni decide? Keep reading.


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