Naira opposes Dadi’s wrong beliefs in Yeh Rishta…


Dadi tells the family that she will make a big charity this time. She wants to show the society about her family’s success. Naira opposes Dadi’s superstitions. She asks Dadi not to teach wrong things to the kids. She has a different thinking. She tells Dadi that they can donate things to the needy people than having false beliefs. Naira fails to explain anything to Dadi. The family worries for their arguments. Naira tells them that Lord doesn’t need any charity or gifts from devotees.

Meanwhile, Kirti struggles to pay off the loses, without letting her family know about it. She feels sorry to lie to them. Kirti hides her tension from Naksh. She completes the puja and looks for a chance to leave from the house.

Kartik gets busy in the meetings. He doesn’t want to upset the clients. Kartik decides to increase the work force to finish the contracts within the timelines. He misses Naira. He wraps up the work and leaves for home to meet Naira.

Naira’s heart melts seeing the poor kids outside the temple. Naira takes a step by stopping the goods truck and redirecting it to some other place. Dadi awaits the goods to donate and boast off her richness. Surekha tells Dadi that Naira has taken the truck somewhere else. Dadi gets enraged by Naira’s move. When Naira returns home, she faces Dadi’s anger. Dadi turns much upset and confronts Naira about ruining her beliefs and devotion. She tells Naira that she wanted to donate things for her family’s prosperity. She scolds Naira for snatching her offerings.

Naira tells Dadi that she has to understand people’s needs. Dadi doesn’t listen to her. Naira justifies her move. She tells Dadi that she can’t see things get ruined. She doesn’t believe in Dadi’s customs. She tells Dadi that many people donate things to the temple’s trust, but many people are needy of clothes and food. She asks Dadi to understand her perception. She wants to fulfill basic necessities of poor kids.

Manish wants to keep Dadi and Naira’s wish. He tells Naira that they are super rich and can do both the things. Naira tells Manish that she has suffered a lot in Rishikesh and knows the pain of hunger and poverty. She tells Dadi that she hates rich people donating things to keep their reputation. Dadi misunderstands Naira. She blames Naira for ruining her respect. She tells Manish that everyone will make fun of their family because of Naira. The family turns upset that Naira didn’t seek their permission before redirecting the truck to the orphanage. Kartik learns the matter. He vents out his frustration on Naira. He supports Dadi. Kartik reprimands Naira, which further spoils their relation. Suwarna fears for Kartik and Naira’s relationship. Kartik asks Naira not to upset his family, which would ruin his peace as well.


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