Raman’s advice gets aching for Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

Ashok and Ishita lay a plan to trap Parmeet. They want Parmeet to accept his plans to frame Aaliya in the fake murder case. Simmi hurries to get Raman and Mihika married. Pihu gets upset with Raman’s decision. She vents out her dislike for Mihika. Raman fails to understand why Pihu calls Ishita as her mum. Simmi doesn’t let Raman learn his marriage truth. Parmeet realizes Ishita’s planning and acts clever. He catches hold of Ashok and Ishita. Parmeet laughs out on their poor planning. He asks Ishita to come up with something better. Parmeet tells Ishita that she can’t prove anything. She wants Aaliya to get free. She asks him to stop his blackmailing. Parmeet wants to keep dominating Ishita by using her weakness.

Pihu asks Raman not to marry Mihika. He tells her that he is getting married for her sake. Mihika tries to win Pihu’s heart. Pihu asks Mihika to stay away. She refuses to eat the food. Raman warns Pihu against misbehaving with Mihika.

Simmi fixes a close date for the marriage. Aaliya informs Ishita about the marriage date. Ashok feels bad for Ishita. He confronts Raman for his stupidity. He tries to stop Raman from marrying Mihika. He threatens to withdraw the investments and sink Raman’s company in losses. Simmi and Parmeet fail Ashok’s efforts. She sends away Ashok. Mihika tries to feed Pihu. Simmi loses her patience and goes to beat up Pihu. Mihika calls Ishita home for Pihu’s sake. Ishita meets Pihu and comforts her. She feeds the food with love. Raman doesn’t get happy seeing them. Mihika hurts Ishita’s sentiments by getting engaged with Raman in front of her. Raman confronts Ishita for living with Ashok. He advises her to marry Ashok and move on in life.


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