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    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Adhiraj wishes Anami on her birthday. He informs her about Madhu, who has come to meet her with difficulty. Anami gets prepared to go and meet Poonam. She hides from Satrupa. Satrupa asks Anami if there is any problem. Anami tells her that she has to go out for shopping. Satrupa asks her to go after the puja. She wishes her on her birthday. Avdhoot plans to play the recording to ruin Satrupa and Anami’s bond. He goes a step ahead to fulfill his motives. Anami and Satrupa take part in the prayers conducted. Anami fulfills the ceremony. She prays for meeting Madhu once. Madhu gets inside Lal Mahal to meet Anami.


    Neil tries to meet Ballu. He is hopeful that Ballu can help him ruin Vidyut’s evil. Neil fails to meet Ballu. He thinks if Ballu tricked him. Vidyut’s men catch Ballu before he could meet Neil. They take back Ballu to Vidyut. Vidyut gets angered over Ballu’s deceive and punishes him. Neil tells Avni that Ballu was going to help him, but didn’t turn up. He asks her not to worry, since they are together. He tells her that they have evidence to get Vidyut arrested. Avni gets happy and challenges Vidyut that she will make him lose. Neil and Avni gets a shock when police arrives home to arrest Prakash.


    Ruhi applies the shagun mehendi to Ishita’s hands. She tells Ishita that they will always try to unite Raman and her. Ishita gets happy and feels proud of Ruhi. Raman also gets the shagun mehendi. Pihu spoils Mihika’s mehendi. Mihika gets much upset. She doesn’t tell anything in front of Raman. She reacts in a calm way. She later tells Simmi that the children are spoiling her functions. Mihika gets allergic to the bad mehendi. She decides to talk to Raman.


    Kartik and Naira get happy when everyone bless them after the wedding completion. Dadi gets to hear the world praising her for feeding the poor. The guests get inspired from Dadi, who didn’t donate things to the temple trust and instead donated the things to the needy people. Dadi doesn’t disclose that Naira has given her the idea of feeding the poor. She doesn’t tell anything to the guests. She doesn’t want Kartik to get against her. She upsets Naira by her clever mindset. Goenkas know Naira’s deed and get happy that her move has worked for the family’s benefit. Suwarna feels Naira deserved the credit.


    Shivay and Anika get back to their normal romance. He finds his big strength in her. Anika is happy that Shivay and his attitude is back. Dadi gives back Anika’s rights in the form of an ancestral necklace. She makes Shivay help Anika wear the necklace. Shivay and Anika have a happy moment. Dadi blesses them. Tia gets happy seeing them happy together. Tia keeps her lie about her blindness. Tia wishes they always stay together. She tells them that she is leaving for her eye treatment. She doesn’t want their relation to get affected by the mills secret.

    Shivay and Anika witness the partition line. Shivay holds himself responsible for it. Anika tells him that this partition happened because of his absence. Pinky and Jhanvi get into an argument again. This upsets Shivay further.


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