Big twists and turns mark IshRa’s remarriage in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Simmi and Parmeet manipulate Raman again. Simmi wants Raman and Mihika to get married. She wants to ruin Ishita, who is trying hard to stop the marriage. Raman, who regained his memory and recognized Ishita, gets affected by an attack again. Ishita’s happiness gets flat again. Mihika vents out her anger and frustration on Mrs. Iyer. The fight goes long. Ishita intervenes to take a stand for her mum’s self esteem. After the big drama of Mihika and Ishita’s clash in Raman’s Sangeet, Raman proceeds for his marriage with Mihika. He comes to the marriage altar. Parmeet tries to keep Ishita away from the marriage venue. He asks his goons to kidnap Ishita.

Parmeet succeeds to kidnaps Ishita. He then learns Ishita has run away. He asks the goon to do anything, but stop her from reaching Raman, else it will be a big mess. Shagun worries for Ishita’s absence. She also tries to stop the marriage. She tells Raman that she needs to talk to him, and the marriage can’t happen. Raman asks her the reason of her objection.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman not to worry for anyone’s words and keep his mind free. Raman gets mentally prepared to accept his new life. Ishita reaches the venue. Someone kidnaps her again. She realizes its the same money lender, whom she was finding. She asks him not to frame Aaliya in the fake murder case. The man locks her up inside a big trunk. She explains the man that Parmeet will make him commit a crime and then get him arrested for her murder. She threatens him about Parmeet’s madness. She tells him that Parmeet never leaves any evidence against him, and he will not spare anyone. She promises to save the man from punishment.

She tells him that she will inform police that he has helped her and will expose Parmeet by his help. She says you will get police protection. The man agrees to help her. Ishita makes a leave from there to run to the altar. Parmeet gets overjoyed that Ishita will be getting away from Raman’s life forever. He wants to see Ishita’s reaction knowing Mihika and Raman got married. Ishita swaps the bride. She takes Mihika’s place in the altar. She dons a bridal veil and doesn’t reveal her face till the marriage completes. IshRa will be getting married again. Simmi and Parmeet get a big shock knowing Ishita’s winning move.


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