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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman’s lovely confession and union turns out to be Ishita’s dream. Raman gets few flashes of his past, but fails to connect the dots. He couldn’t retrieve his memory completely. Raman gets angry on Ishita for troubling him by planning the skit. He asks her not to compel others for doing wrong. Ishita tells him that Pihu is their daughter. Raman finds it nonsense. Raman asks Simmi to throw out Ishita. Pihu doesn’t want Ishita to leave. Simmi scolds Ishita for stooping low and spoiling her sister’s Sangeet. Raman turns Ishita jealous again. He dances with Mihika and celebrates his sangeet. He doesn’t want to give any chance to Ishita and Iyers to spoil his marriage.


    Anika gets caught by Veer. She tries to escape. Veer corners her. He tries to instil fear in her. He asks her not to anger her. She realizes his true face. She asks him why is he doing this to ruin Shivay. She confronts him for troubling Shivay and her so much. Veer doesn’t like to answer her. He tells her that Shivay has to work hard to know his real intentions. Shivay worries for Anika. He tries to call Anika and couldn’t reach through her. Shivay worriedly rushes home. He worries that Veer is also at home. He wants to secure Anika.


    Priyanka confronts Naitik for hiding the truth from his family. She asks him to tell the truth soon, as it has to come out some day. She tells him that his family will be much affected by this truth. He doesn’t want to share anything about his depression. He doesn’t want his family to pause their lives and get after curing his illness. He tells her that he can’t spoil everyone’s happiness. He asks her to just support him as a friend. Priyanka agrees to him. Naksh sees them together and understands Naitik hasn’t told them the entire truth.


    Vidyut showers gifts on Avni. He shows her the entire house. Avni leaves the chemical pills everywhere in the house. She plans to set the house on fire. Vidyut gets too excited for the marriage. He finds them made for each other. She asks Avni to accept that they are the perfect couple. He asks her to help him in tackling Neil. Avni gets angry. She refuses to marry him. He gets complimenting her. He adorns her in the ancestral jewelry. He prepares her for the marriage. Avni tells him about the chunri gifted by Neela. She dons it with an intention to save herself from fire. Vidyut allows her to wear Neela’s gifted chunri. She equips herself to fake death and make an easy escape.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Dada ji pampers Anami with love. He takes pride to call Anami a part of his family. He declares Anami as the heir of Lal Mahal and Royal Steels. He is sure that Vatsalya’s dreams will be fulfilled by Anami. Avdhoot sends the reporters to ruin down Anami’s happiness by wrong questions. Anami gets embarrassed by the silly questions on her past. Satrupa gets angry on the reporters, who get insulting Anami on her special day. Anami gets speechless when the reporters pass bad taunts on her. Adhiraj reaches Anami to help her out. He asks her to fight back as she isn’t wrong.

    Meri Durga:

    Durga finds some girls in trouble. The men trouble and call them undeserving of any respect. Durga wants to teach them respecting women. Durga runs after them, when they leave in their vehicle. Durga catches them and makes them apologize to the girl. Durga gets praised for her bravery. Sarpanch tells Yashpal about the offer given by Aarti’s dad. He tells how he has declined it, since he wants to give a fair chance to Durga to prove her mettle. He tells them that Aarti’s dad has agreed to support them. Yashpal finds some conspiracy behind it. The villagers support Durga. They want Durga to win the race and save their respect. Durga’s family gets attacked by Aarti’s dad. He abducts them to blackmail Durga.


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