Raman fails to connect the dots in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman's big move draws attention

Raman’s lovely confession and union turns out to be Ishita’s dream. Raman gets few flashes of his past, but fails to connect the dots. He couldn’t retrieve his memory completely. Raman gets angry on Ishita for troubling him by planning the skit. He asks her not to compel others for doing wrong. Ishita tells him that Pihu is their daughter. Raman finds it nonsense. Raman asks Simmi to throw out Ishita. Pihu doesn’t want Ishita to leave. Simmi scolds Ishita for stooping low and spoiling her sister’s Sangeet. Raman turns Ishita jealous again. He dances with Mihika and celebrates his sangeet. He doesn’t want to give any chance to Ishita and Iyers to spoil his marriage.

Ishita fails to explain that she didn’t plan the skit. She worries that Raman may never regain his memory. Simmi asks Parmeet to control Ishra’s children. Parmeet understands the children are planning many things consequently. He fears Raman may really regain his memory.

Adi shares his next plan with Ishita. Adi apologizes to Raman and Mihika. He tells them that he didn’t intend to spoil the event. He makes Raman and Mihika drunk. Iyers encourage Ishita to meet Raman and bravely remind him the past. Ishita wants to make a last attempt. Mihika asks Raman to dance with her. Raman and Mihika dance on the floor. The Bhallas get happy seeing them together. Adi sends away Mihika. The children lock up Mihika. They find a chance to dance with Raman and keep him occupied. They get Ishita on the dance floor. Mihika realizes she has been trapped. Simmi frees her.

Mihika tells her how Adi has served the wine and sent her away. Till Mihika returns, Ishita wins Raman’s attention. Raman and Ishita have a romantic dance. Mihika gets angered. Raman slips in emotions, since he has feelings for Ishita. Simmi suggests Mihika to throw out Ishita. Pihu stops Mihika. Iyers ask Ishita not to worry for Mihika, the sangeet is really ruined. Mrs. Iyer gets angered on Mihika, who has ruined her own family. Her harsh words provokes Mihika. Simmi instigates Mihika against Iyers. She asks Mihika to do something big, so that Raman doesn’t allow Iyers to attend the marriage. Mihika initiates an ugly argument with Mrs. Iyer. Parmeet takes advantage of Ishita and Mihika’s clash. He burns Mihika’s attire to put the blame on Ishita.



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