Anushka prepares an eye-opener for Yuvraaj in Laado 2


Anushka misses Amma ji. She holds Amma ji’s dupatta and gets emotional. She hears someone shouting for help. She decides to fight with Rantej. She doesn’t fall weak. She recalls her promise given to Amma ji. She gets determined again. She cooks food for Yuvraaj. She believes Yuvraaj can change into a better person, if the dirt from his mind get cleaned. She wants to catch Rantej red-handed to expose him in front of Yuvraaj. She wants Yuvraaj to open eyes and see his family’s truth.

She has seen the anger in Yuvraaj’s eyes. She is sure Yuvraaj will support her if she proves herself right. She feels sorry for Bhabhi, who madly loves Rantej. She doesn’t know how can anyone fall for Rantej. Bhabhi hides Rantej’s tortures. Later, Rantej troubles Anushka by occupying her room. He tells her that he would get a peaceful sleep in her room. She asks him to leave. He makes fun of her by reminding her of Jhanvi and Amma ji’s death. Anushka gets courage from Amma ji. She hates Rantej. She doesn’t want Rantej to do wrong with any girl. She calls her friend and asks her to come over. She makes a plan to expose Rantej.


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