High Five Spoilers

High Five Spoilers Jiji Maa, Perfect Pati and more

Sasural Simar Ka: Piyush is adamant to marry Avni. Prem tries to explain him that this can’t happen. Piyush says if marriage doesn’t happen today, Avni will get away from me. Mata ji says marriage can’t happen in haste, they have to conduct the marriage at the right auspicious time. Hema influences Piyush. She tells them that Piyush is right, marriage will happen tonight, else Avni will become a widow. She lies saying, I have got a sign from Lord in my dream. Mata ji says Simar isn’t here, how can we keep marriage without her. Hema says I have already called the pandit. Piyush threatens of leaving the house.

Piyaa Albela:

Harish decides to make Rahul the new MD of their company. Naren gets angered. He doesn’t care if he loses anything. Pooja gets Dada ji’s support. She takes a big decision. She demands for the factory so that Rahul doesn’t get it in his hands. She wants to secure Naren’s business. Rahul reacts and argues with the family. Naren signs the documents and names the factory to Pooja. Naren misunderstands Pooja again. He doesn’t know her plan and intentions. She snatches the MD post from Rahul. She risks her relationship for the family’s betterment.

Susheel and Satya have an argument. She tells him how she landed in trouble on seeing his cupboard messed up. He finds a solution to relieve her. He throws out her clothes from the cupboard. He tells her that he can’t share anything with her. He feels she is pretending to show they are a loving couple. She clarifies that she didn’t plan anything. He doesn’t want to hide his relationship’s truth from anyone. Susheel has to cover up their tensions from the family. She has to keep both families happy.

Tu Aashiqui:

Pankti doesn’t want to get trapped by JD again. She meets Anita and threatens her. She doesn’t want Ahaan to fall in any risk. She scolds Anita for planning an attack on Ahaan. She warns Anita against her dirty plotting. Pankti gets busy in carving her new identity. JD lays a trap and hurts Anita to get Pankti back to him. JD uses Anita as a bait to trap Pankti.


Harman gets a big shock when he learns Soumya has completed the kinner puja, by going against his will. He sees Soumya giving away her mangalsutra and sindoor, and abandoning their marriage, so that she gets a normal life in her next birth. He gets too disturbed and leaves from there. Kareena’s wicked plan separates Harman and Soumya. Harman meets with a fatal accident. He faces his death. He is rushed to the hospital where he slips in coma.

Jiji Maa:

Jayant exposes GST/Ghan Shyam sitting in the mandap instead Suyash. Falguni gets angry on her friend for sitting in groom’s place. They reprimand him and send him away. Jayant tells Uttara that Suyash called him, he couldn’t reach the city, he may not be able to reach on time. He asks the pandit to start Vidhaan and Niyati’s marriage rituals. Uttara decides that Vidhaan and Niyati’s marriage will only happen when Suyash reaches the venue on time. She wants both the marriages to happen together. Suyash takes a grand entry in a chopper. He makes a quick arrival to the marriage venue.


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