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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Simmi and Parmeet enjoy the fight between Mihika and Iyers. Mihika gets insulting Ishita and Iyer family to vent out her frustration. She throws wine to disrespect Mrs. Iyer. Parmeet asks Simmi to wait for some time and watch the upcoming drama. Ishita pours wine over Mihika to give her what she deserves. She scolds Mihika for insulting her mum. Parmeet ignites the fire to take advantage of the situation. Raman reaches there when this happens. Iyers also try to save Mihika. Raman rescues Mihika. Simmi accuses Ishita for attempting to burn Mihika alive.


    Neil worries that Avni is up to something dangerous. He rushes to Vidyut’s house to stop Avni from committing any crime or risking her life. Avni refuses to marry Vidyut. She ruins his happiness and asks him to kill her. He refuses to kill her as he loves her a lot. She tells him that he can never marry him. He tells her that he will marry her. She claims to just love Neil. She gets insulting Vidyut to instil anger in him. She tells him that she has reciprocated hatred with love and respected relations, while he doesn’t believe in relations.


    Dadi turns angry on Naira for making Kartik do her work. Kartik and Naira get punished when they are not at fault. Suwarna worries for their relation turning bad. She wishes Kartik and Naira understand each other’s concern. The guests taunt Dadi for moulding Naira in such a good way. Naira stops Kartik from helping her, so that she can keep Dadi’s esteem. Kartik misunderstands her once again. Lav and Kush replace the juice by wine. They try to perfect the decorations planned by Naira.


    Shivay reaches home in search of Anika. He gets intoxicated by Veer. He loses his control on his mind. Veer controls Shivay and orders him to kill Anika. Anika likes Shivay’s lovely surprise. She then sees his bloody eyes and gets scared. She can’t believe the one she loves would attack her. Shivay’s perfect surprise for Anika ends with a shocking moment, when he shoots down Anika. Anika dies in front of him. Veer gets happy that he has ended Shivay and Anika’s love story. He makes Shivay murder Anika. He finds Shivay’s valentines’ gift the most perfect one.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Dheeru gets upset seeing Adhiraj. He tells Adhiraj that he has proved that his friendship is more important than his dad’s esteem. He warns Adhiraj against Lal Mahal’s cheat. He asks Adhiraj to do anything he wants, but be alert of the back stabbers. Baldev gets into an argument with Dheeru. Baldev wants Adhiraj to stay away from Anami. Dheeru tells him that he wants the same, he wants Adhiraj to make good friends, who understand the meaning of true friendship. Anami calms them down. She asks Baldev to end the dispute at least for Vatsalya’s sake. The family rejoices and celebrates Anami’s birthday in style. They dance together. Avdhoot passes the recording to the DJ.

    Meri Durga:

    Aarti and her dad threaten Durga about her family. Aarti’s dad tells Durga that he has kidnapped her family and if she runs in the race, she will lose her family forever. She asks her to go ahead and win the race, along with the death of her family. Aarti asks Durga what will she do of such a medal which she earns by losing her family. They blackmail Durga and scare her. They ask her to leave from the race to save her family. He ask her to choose between her family’s lives or her victory. Aarti tells her that she will lose one of her family member after completing fifty meters in the race.


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