Shagun to teach Simmi a lesson in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shagun returns; New twists ahead

Simmi and Parmeet enjoy the fight between Mihika and Iyers. Mihika gets insulting Ishita and Iyer family to vent out her frustration. She throws wine to disrespect Mrs. Iyer. Parmeet asks Simmi to wait for some time and watch the upcoming drama. Ishita pours wine over Mihika to give her what she deserves. She scolds Mihika for insulting her mum. Parmeet ignites the fire to take advantage of the situation. Raman reaches there when this happens. Iyers also try to save Mihika. Raman rescues Mihika. Simmi accuses Ishita for attempting to burn Mihika alive.

Ishita and Iyer get defensive. Simmi reminds Ishita how she has killed Ananya. Ishita tells Raman that she didn’t do anything. Raman warns her against troubling Mihika. He tells Ishita that he will file a police complaint if she attends his wedding. Simmi asks Raman not to spare Ishita easily. She compels and makes Ishita apologize to Mihika. Ishita apologizes on Raman’s saying.

Simmi asks Ishita to try anything and watch Raman’s marriage happening. Ishita sheds tears. Her children be on her side and support with love. Ishita gains courage to expose Simmi. Raman and Mihika’s haldi ceremony is organized. Shagun asks Ishita not to let Simmi win in her game, at least for Raman’s sake, they have to stop the marriage. Ishita doesn’t want her mum to bear humiliation again.

Shagun assures that she will make sure no one insults her mum. She plans to trouble Simmi. She joins the young lot in their planning. Adi and Ruhi plan to spoil Mihika’s haldi. Iyers also plan to create a scene. Mrs. Iyer apologizes to Raman and Mihika to get a permission to attend the wedding. Mihika forgives her. Ishita sees her mum applying haldi to Raman. She doesn’t know Shagun’s plan. Raman’s haldi falls on Ishita. Simmi gets infuriated.


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