Shocking: Shivay to murder Anika in Ishqbaaz


Shivay reaches home in search of Anika. He gets intoxicated by Veer. He loses his control on his mind. Veer controls Shivay and orders him to kill Anika. Anika likes Shivay’s lovely surprise. She then sees his bloody eyes and gets scared. She can’t believe the one she loves would attack her. Shivay’s perfect surprise for Anika ends with a shocking moment, when he shoots down Anika. Anika dies in front of him. Veer gets happy that he has ended Shivay and Anika’s love story. He makes Shivay murder Anika. He finds Shivay’s valentines’ gift the most perfect one.

Veer then ends the spell on Shivay to see his sorrowful reaction over his misdeed. Veer asks Shivay how did he kill Anika. He reminds Shivay how he has shot Anika to death. Shivay breaks down seeing Anika lying unconscious in front of him. He doesn’t remember anything. Shivay doesn’t want Anika to leave him.

Veer keeps hurting him by reminding his crime. Shivay doesn’t want to live without Anika. Veer asks him to think of his family. He tells Shivay that this news will shatter his entire family, their happiness and reputation. He tells Shivay that they will keep this a secret. He asks Shivay to dispose Anika’s body, if he doesn’t want to lose his family. Shivay apologizes to Anika for his grave mistake. He buries Anika and follows Veer’s advice. The family worries for Anika.

They question Shivay about her. Shivay gets helpless. Veer makes Shivay lie to the family. Shivay tells the family that he planned a surprise for Anika, but they met with an accident on the way. He cooks up a story. Veer helps him lie further. Shivay tells them that Anika is missing since he gained consciousness. Veer tells the family that he has got Shivay home, they can take help from police to find Anika.

The family gets supportive to find Anika. Soumya asks Veer why did he get Anika killed when he is doing everything for her. Veer tells her that Anika had become a threat for him, she had learnt his truth and left no option for him than to kill her. Shivay calls a press conference and tells them how Anika went missing. Veer plans some action. He sends the video to the media and frames Shivay in Anika’s murder case.

He settles scores with Shivay by revealing his crime to the world. The family receives a big shock on seeing the video of Anika’s murder. They can’t believe Shivay has himself killed Anika and disposed her. Shivay feels guilty of his act. The family shows their belief in Shivay and try to save him. Veer calls the police to get Shivay arrested. Shivay admits the truth, that he has shot Anika.


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