SuKor’s re-union and secret-keeping next in Udaan


Chakor and Suraj unite. Suraj saves her from Ranvijay’s deadly plan. Suraj regains his memory. He gets into a big fight with Ranvijay’s goons. Suraj tells Ranvijay that he has got his memory back and now he will ruin him. Suraj and Chakor leave from the cliff. They reach home and worry for each other’s wounds. Suraj takes care of Chakor. He realizes his mistakes. He apologizes to her. He has been away for five years. He gets his memories and love back. Chakor and Suraj share their sorrow in their emotional reunion. They talk out how much they missed each other.

Chakor forgives him as he has been bearing the tortures like her. She cares for his wounds. They both talk via their love gestures. They make a plan to hide his memory recovery from Imli and Ranvijay. She asks him to return to Imli and fail her evil dominance in Aazaadgunj. Suraj vows to support Chakor. They have a happy union. Chakor’s long wait ends. Chakor and Suraj secretly celebrate their togetherness.

Suraj will play a drama. He will support Chakor and make her win the elections, by continuing the drama of memory loss in front of Imli. Ranvijay tells Imli that Suraj regained his memory and he has saved Suraj. He asks Imli to catch Suraj red-handed. They find Suraj leaving from Chakor’s house. Imli gets angered witnessing this. Suraj lies to Imli and tells her that he saved Suraj to keep her command, he didn’t wish her to fall in any trouble in elections. Imli gets worried and gets in dilemma.

Suraj tries hard to convince her that he is still loyal to her. Imli points a gun at Suraj. Chakor gets scared for his life. She stands in front of Suraj and asks Imli to shoot her. Ranvijay asks Imli to believe her, Suraj has beaten him up and he remembers Chakor as his wife. Imli scolds Suraj for raising hand on Ranvijay. She asks Suraj did he forget Ranvijay is his master.

Suraj accepts he has beaten up Ranvijay. Ranvijay asks Imli to do justice and punish Suraj. Imli says I will take Suraj’s life, he has beaten my husband, he can’t get spared this time, even if is loyal to me, this move makes him my enemy. Chakor asks Imli not to hurt Suraj. Suraj changes his side and scolds Chakor to show he still hates her. Imli falls in his words. Ranvijay gets angered that Imli is again believing Suraj. Suraj begs for an apology. He lies and vows to make Imli win the election. He asks Imli to shoot her if she wants to punish him. Imli scolds Ranvijay for not obeying her command and going to kill Chakor.

Ranvijay tells her that Suraj and Chakor are fooling her. She asks him not to dare to go against her again. Ranvijay finds Suraj and Chakor smiling and gets tempered. Suraj goes with Imli to keep up his lie. Kasturi and Bhuvan get happy for Chakor’s comeback. They don’t know the truth about Suraj. They ask Chakor not to meet Suraj, and forget him forever. They believe Suraj will never regain his memory. Chakor tells them that she will not try to recover Suraj. She keeps the secret. She promises that she won’t waste her time on Suraj.


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