Unplanned valentine’s for lovers in Yeh Rishta…


Dadi turns angry on Naira for making Kartik do her work. Kartik and Naira get punished when they are not at fault. Suwarna worries for their relation turning bad. She wishes Kartik and Naira understand each other’s concern. The guests taunt Dadi for moulding Naira in such a good way. Naira stops Kartik from helping her, so that she can keep Dadi’s esteem. Kartik misunderstands her once again. Lav and Kush replace the juice by wine. They try to perfect the decorations planned by Naira.

Kartik doesn’t like anything because she has hurt him a lot. He tells her that she always hurts his feelings. She asks him not to spoil their special day by his anger. They drink the wine and continue their fight.

Naitik finds the family upset. He doesn’t reveal about his illness. He tries to cheer everyone. Naitik tries to explain Naksh that Kirti is not at fault, if she shared the matter with her Dadi. He asks Naksh to blame him, instead Kirti. He tells him to apologize to Kirti and make everything fine. Naksh takes Kirti to his childhood’s secret place, where he used to hide in annoyance. He tells her that he wants to share his sorrow with her. He apologizes for getting angry on her, without thinking of her perception and feelings.

Naksh plans a romantic moment, and gives her happiness. They sort out their little differences. They express their love. They wish each other for valentines. Kirti gets grateful that he didn’t take the matter further. She hides about the business loss from him.

Akhilesh plans to introduce Kartik and Naira to the media. Aryan waits for his turn to come. He wants the family to praise him too. Manish gets praising Kartik. Naira angrily leaves from the house. Kartik doesn’t want to put her in any risk. He follows her, which upsets Dadi further. Dadi tells Manish to stop Kartik, who is falling in Naira’s control. Media asks for Kartik and Naira. The family faces an odd moment again. Kartik and Naira have cute arguments on the way. They try to avoid each other and meet again and again. Their fights make a couple patch up. They think of ending their annoyance too. They get a rainy surprise and wish valentines to each other. They have a love confession and enjoy their togetherness.


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