Durga’s victory to certain her death in Meri Durga


Sanjay rescues Yashpal. They try to save the other family members. Everyone helps out each other and save their lives. Durga prays for her family. Aarti’s dad asks Aarti to focus on her race and not think of Durga. He promises to knock down Durga if she tries to defeat his daughter. Durga feels troubled to run in the race by risking her family’s life. She gains courage from her family’s aspirations. Sanjay saves Rana Sir in time. Durga learns her family got saved. Yashpal reaches the stadium and boosts Durga’s confidence. He asks Durga to run and win the race to clean the stain on their name. The villagers wish all the best to Durga. Aarti threatens Durga.

She tells Durga that if she wins the race, the poisonous needle will pierce in her body and kill her the same instant. She asks Durga to either choose her life or her esteem. Durga doesn’t let anything come in between her dreams. Durga races towards the finish line and wins the race, by risking her life. She defeats Aarti, even if she had to give up her breath. Durga’s family learn the evil plotting of Aarti’s dad and worry for Durga’s life. Will Durga survive? Keep reading.


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