KaiRa’s valentines takes a life-threatening turn in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik and Naira romance at the dhaba. They enjoy the surprising rain. Kartik arranges a bonfire for their comfort. Naira asks him for her valentines gift. Kartik promises to surprise her. The families worry for Kartik and Naira’s annoyance. They expect KaiRa to be celebrating valentines. Dadi worries for Kartik. She gets Kirti’s call. She asks Kirti not to let any matter come between Naksh and her. Dadi feels something wrong is going to happen. Kartik and Naira continue their cute conversation in their intoxicated state. Dadi’s premonition turns out to be true. The dhaba catches fire.

Kartik asks Naira about the fire. She tells him that she will keep her hands warm by sitting near the fire. Kartik goes to get the gift. Naksh and Naitik happen to pass by the desolated road. Naitik gets a feeling that Naira is in trouble. He tells Naksh that he will call Naira the next day and know if everything is fine.

Kartik gets on the road without his car. He goes by walk and wishes someone helps him in arranging the gift. Naira doesn’t realize the fire spreading. Naira gets hurt by the fire. She then realize the fire spreading out. Naira falls back. Aryan argues with the family over their increasing worry for Kartik. He asks them why does problems occur between them because of Kartik. Kartik misses to get lift from Naitik. He takes lift from other people, who turn out to be robbers.

Naksh and Naitik see the burning dhaba and stop by. They ask the men to check if there is someone stuck inside, so that they can save a life. They try to help strangers, and learn that Naira is stuck inside the fire. They worry for her and rescue her from the fire. Kartik falls in trouble because of the robbers. Naira gets rescued from a blast. Naira tells Naitik that Kartik left her and went home. Naitik gets raging. Goenkas learn Kartik is kidnapped. They get upset with Naira’s carelessness and immaturity for putting Kartik in trouble.


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