Mandira to create a rift between Vijay-Anant in Saam Daam Dand Bhed

Saam Daam Dand Bhed: Vijay and Bulbul's new sorrow

Holi celebrations will be seen. Vijay wants to make Bulbul’s holi special. Its her first holi after marriage. Vijay and Bulbul celebrate holi with Mandira and Anant. Vijay loses balance and falls in dirty mud. Bulbul laughs on him. Vijay drinks bhaang. He loses senses. Bulbul worries for his strange behavior. She asks him to come out of the mud before anyone sees her. Vijay doesn’t care for anyone. He asks her to let him be there. Mandira wants to snatch Vijay. She will be playing another game. Bulbul worries for Mandira’s challenge. She stays alert to know what is Mandira planning to get Vijay.

Anant and Mandira dance in the holi celebrations. Mandira finds chances to play her next plan. Vijay gets inebriated. Mandira challenged Bulbul about revealing the truth. She wants to tell everyone that Vijay and she were in love. She decides to express her love for Vijay.

Bulbul worries for Mandira’s warnings. She takes special care of Vijay. She doesn’t let Vijay get away from her sight. Vijay and Bulbul also share a dance. They celebrate their first Holi post marriage. The Holi will be memorable. Anant will have a heartbreak, after learning Mandira’s love for Vijay. Mandira will be spoiling the fun. Vijay and Bulbul’s hearts will unite. Anant will get against Vijay and decide to ruin him for the big deceive. Will Mandira realize her mistake? Keep reading.


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