Naamkarann to present AvNeil in a different light

Avni in Naamkarann

Vidyut gets troubled by Avni’s spirit. He prays to get saved from Avni. Avni continues to threaten him. Vidyut wants someone to save him. He then sees Neil. He stops Neil and falls in his feet. Neil wishes to kill Vidyut. Before Neil could express his hatred, Vidyut begs him to punish him for his crime. He wants to land behind bars so that he gets saved from Avni’s spirit. He tells Neil that Avni just loved him and refused for marriage. Neil tells Vidyut that he will go jail for years now and he has to repent for his mistake. Neil arrests Vidyut.

Avni sees Neil taking Vidyut to jail. She decides to take a new identity. She wants to leave behind everything and start a new life. She feels her revenge got fulfilled. He drops all her fights and struggles. She adapts a new identity. Neil puts Vidyut in jail. He then resigns from his police duty.

Neil and Avni’s story goes ten years ahead. Neil turns into a Radio jockey. He talks out his heart to his listeners. He tells about his love for Avni, their first meet and amazing love journey. He plays romantic songs and misses Avni. Neil hopes that Avni comes back to him. He waits for his Avni. He doesn’t want to end his wait. Neil’s family wishes him on his birthday. He appears happy in front of them. Neil cheers up them. He hides his sorrow from them. Neil misses Avni, who was an integral part of his life.

Neil wishes Avni comes in front of him once. He visualizes Avni around. He spots Avni on the road and saves her from an accident. He then realizes its someone else. The lady scolds him for spoiling the shoot. Neil gets humiliated by the crew. Neil turns upset. Mishti grows up. She bonds with her friends. They have a special bond with their caretaker Nilanjana. Avni takes Nilanjana’s identity. Avni gets Sunehri’s support. Avni gives herself a new name, and looks after the illegitimate orphans.


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