Shakti: Raavi to plot against Soumya

Shakti: A new beginning for Harman and Soumya

Harak challenges Soumya to prove her love for Harman. He gets angry on her and asks her why is she hesitating to do the rituals. He asks if she didn’t think of Harman when she has done bad deeds. She says if you really love Harman, you have to bear this burden and complete the rituals. Soumya takes the task of completing the rituals. Raavi creates a big drama. Raavi tells Preeto that Soumya was sleeping in the room, while Guru ji asked her not to fall asleep till her prayers are completed.

Raavi says I m not lying. Soumya tells Preeto that she didn’t sleep even for a second, she swears on Harman, she was awake and praying. Shanno scolds Soumya. Harak tells Soumya that he doesn’t know how much she loves Harman and what are her intentions, he just wants his son back. Soumya then admits her mistake. She tells them that she is doing everything for Harman, she will not do any mistake again. Raavi’s son exposes her lie by making her swear on him. He asks her if she has seen Soumya sleeping. Raavi doesn’t swear. Preeto understands Raavi’s plan and slaps her. She shows her belief in Harman and Soumya’s true love.

Soumya’s courage breaks down by Kareena’s taunts. Soumya does the tough puja for Harman’s life. She wants to save Harman from danger. She wants to see Harman fine. She feels sorry that her mistake has put Harman’s life in danger. Soumya wants Harman to regain consciousness. Soumya bears the troubles. Chintu accompanies her to the temple. He removes the thorn from her feet. He gets angry when Raveena and Kareena insult Soumya. He takes a stick and asks them to leave, else he will beat them. Soumya stops Chintu. Soumya completes the puja. She repents for hurting Harman’s heart.


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