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Woh Apna Sa:
Binny realizes her mistake. She had leaked gas pipeline to hurt Kakimaa. Arjun and Jia save Kakimaa. Jia gets hurt because of Binny. Binny apologizes to Jia. The family forgives her.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren and Pooja meet her Maayka after a long time. Pooja’s aunt has ended ties with her. Naren wanted Pooja to win her family’s love. Naren talks to her aunt and surprises Pooja. She gets a warm welcome home. She likes Naren’s surprise. He puts efforts to bring a smile on Pooja’s face. Pooja gets her relations back. She wants Anuj to end his annoyance. Anuj hates Naren. He avoids Naren and leaves for some work. Naren gives roses to Pooja. He sings a romantic song for her.

Ek Deewana Tha:
Shiv exposes Vyom’s real face in front of Sharanya. She gets cheated by Vyom. She gets angry and breaks the glass. Shiv’s love was true, so he has returned to save Sharanya from Vyom’s deadly intentions. Shiv backs up Sharanya. She confronts Vyom for his wicked planning.

Porus/Puru challenges Bamni. He asks Bamni to accept a Dasyu’s challenge for a battle. Bamni accepts the challenge with much courage. Porus and Bamni have a sword fight. Porus overpowers Bamni. Bamni gets wounded. Porus’ mum Anusuya reveals that Bamni is his father. Anusuya stops their fight. Porus and Bamni receive a big shock knowing their relation.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Diya shocks Ratan by donning a short dress. Her modern avatar mesmerizes her. Ratan compliments her beauty. They enjoy their date. Diya thanks him. Diya and Ratan try to impress each other. He takes a selfie with her. He plans the romantic date for making her happy. He decorates the place with all his heart. They both try to keep their relation. They get uninvited guests. They ask Ratan if Diya is his wife. They reveal Ratan didn’t tell them about his marriage. Diya gets upset with him. She thinks Ratan doesn’t want to keep their marriage. Ratan and Diya return home. They act as a lovey dovey couple. They don’t want the family’s happiness to get down. They mutually decide to get separated. They find for a chance to reveal this to family.

Neil reaches Goa. He is in same market where Avni shops for kids. He misses to see Avni. A huge mirror comes in between. Avni doesn’t realize Neil is around. Neil wishes he finds Avni again. His hope drains out when he recollects her death.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Kesar gets angry on Devi for trapping her and going to marry Adhiraj. She speaks wrong about Devi. Virat defends Devi. He tells Kesar that Devi has made her stay comfortable and asked him to look after her. He asks Kesar how can she blame Devi, when she married her husband. He doesn’t want Kesar to stain Devi’s character. Kesar wants to secure her child. She doesn’t care for Devi. He tells her that Devi still considers her a friend. He tries to calm Kesar’s anger.

Mausi Dadi enjoys the golgappa party. She asks Dadi about Kartik and Naira’s relation turning bitter. Dadi doesn’t answer her. Mausi Dadi asks Dadi to let the youngsters live on their owns. She wants Dadi to change her perception towards Naira. She tells Kartik that he should take a stand for his wife always. Dadi feels upset.


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