Namrata to frame Thakur in Kaal Bhairav Rahasya


The villagers get stuck inside the tunnel after following a Tamrapatra sent by Rahul. Gauri learns Rahul is stuck in Sheru’s room and goes to rescue him. Gauri rescues Rahul. She then informs him that the villagers disappeared in the jungle when they went to search for Kaal Bhairav. Rahul gets freed. He understands what’s happening around. He tells Gauri that he knows about the villagers location. He takes Gauri to the tunnel and they find the villagers there. Namrata gets alert seeing the villagers in tunnel. She comes up with a plan to defame her innocent father in their sight.

Everyone chases the leader and learn that its none other than Thakur. Thakur gets accused for Namrata’s crimes. Everyone realizes how they have got deceived by the evil minded Thakur. The police seals the temple and also the tunnels. Yashpal gets found by police. Everyone captured by Namrata get free. Yashpal doesn’t think Thakur is involved, as he has seen Thakur spying in the tunnel when the leader was threatening him. Yashpal decides to find the real culprit. He comes across Shambu who prays around the Shivling. What’s Shambu’s secret? Keep reading.


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