Neil to accept KK`s timely offer in Naamkarann


Mishti tells Avni about the amazing RJ Neil, whose voice is so magical. She asks Avni to get a radio for her. She takes Avni to hear the RJ. Avni gets listening to Neil. She misses to hear more when Neil’s show gets interrupted. Superstar KK lands at Neil’s radio station. He offers Neil to become his bodyguard. Neil doesn’t agree to him. KK then tells him that he actually needs a body double who can take real risk in his film shooting. He wants Neil to grab the opportunity.

Neil thinks Avni will come to rescue him if she finds him in risk. KK tells Neil that he is scared of stunts and dangerous scene. He convinces Neil to take the job. Neil agrees to him, only for Avni’s sake. Neil joins KK as his bodyguard. He is ready to risk his life many times to see Avni.

Neil and KK leave for the new locales for film shoot. Neil misses Avni. He doesn’t know KK is taking him to the same place where Avni lives. KK tires Neil with his long talks. Avni gets troubled by some thugs who create a havoc at her place. She gets worried facing the financial low down. She earns to feed and look after the kids. The kids try hard to adjust within their limits. Avni realizes they are lying to her to save their expenses. Avni tells them that its her duty to feed them. She goes to market to get snacks for them. Neil reaches the place and feels Avni’s presence by the breeze common between them.



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