Anika to learn Veer’s accomplice in Ishqbaaz


Veer signals Anika to loosen the screws of the large backdrop. He wants to hurt Shivay and his brothers. The sangeet ceremony begins well. Jhanvi tells Anika that Omkara should become part of the celebrations, as Tej isn’t coming because of Shivay. Anika asks Gauri to convince Omkara. She gets upset with Jhanvi’s annoyance. Shivay asks Anika not to think much. She tells him that Tej and Jhanvi didn’t forgive and accept him yet. She feels sorry for Shivay. He asks her not to care for all this. He promises to make everything fine. He sends her to fool Veer. Shivay welcomes the guests in his brother’s Sangeet. Obros perform on the stage. They take risk to convince Veer that Anika can be trusted.

Anika gets worried. She goes ahead to prove her loyalty. Shivay assures her that he won’t let anything happen to his family. Anika removes the screws of the backdrop, which falls down over Obros. They still stay safe by their clever planning. Shivay assures nothing hurts them.

Soumya gets angry that Veer’s plan failed. Shivay tells Anika that he had made the backdrop look heavy, but its weight was really light. He gets the stage cleared for next performance. He asks Anika to talk to Veer and find his intentions. He wants to know the insider helping Veer against them. Soumya gets jealous seeing Rudra and Bhavya. She asks Veer to do something to stop the wedding. Veer asks her to believe him, he will surely get Rudra for her. He tells her that he was just testing Anika. He is glad that Anika has proved her word. She tries to know his team members. He tells her that he didn’t intend to test her, he just did this to distract Oberois. He sends spiked drinks for Obros.

He tells Anika that he has added bhaang in the drinks. She decides to stop Obros from having the drinks. Veer wants Obros to lose their respect by their silly behavior. He wants to see a good drama. Anika rushes to inform Shivay about the spiked juice. Anika learns Shivay already got drunk.

Shivay gets blurting out the truth in the drunken satte. He tells Anika that he will show his bravery to Veer and reveal everything. He tells her that he will not spare Veer now. She gets Omkara and Anika to explain Shivay. She learns they are also not in total senses. Obros create a ruckus in their drunken state. They catch hold of Veer. Anika fears for their plan getting known to Veer. Fortunately, Obros drop down without showing their bravery. Anika prepares for Rudra and Bhavya’s pre-wedding puja. Veer tells her that he wants Soumya to sit in the puja. He reveals that Soumya is helping them in ruining Oberois. Anika learns Soumya’s truth and realizes she has turned Shivay bankrupt in Goa.


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