Huge drama around Varun-Surbhi’s worsening bond in Shakti


Harman recovers after Soumya’s prayers. There happens another drama. Surbhi gets pregnant with Varun’s child. Maninder gets Surbhi to Singh house. Harak and Preeto ask Varun what’s the matter. Maninder scolds them. He reveals that Surbhi is bearing Varun’s child. Harak asks Varun to break his silence. Varun speaks up and tells them about Surbhi’s affair with his colleague. He raises a question on her character.

Maninder asks Varun what is he saying. Varun tells him that Surbhi is having an extra-marital affair and this child is not mine. He asks Soumya why did she encourage Surbhi for doing a job, now face this worse situation. Surbhi tells Varun that its his misunderstanding, Varun is the father of the child. Varun denies it. He gets insulting Surbhi. Maninder loses his cool and scolds him. Harman and Soumya try to manage the situation.


  1. I just cannot stand that layabout called Varun. Surbhi should give him marching orders. Varun comes across as a slimy deceitful individual. Personally, I just feel that he is a waste of space. Get rid of him from this serial.


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