Ishita to aim for Raman’s memory revival in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

Mihika reveals to Bhallas and Iyers that she had planned everything with Ishita to fail Simmi and Parmeet. She tells Simmi that it isn’t easy to break Iyer sisters. She taunts Simmi for her foolishness. She values Iyers’ upbringing, values and bond. She tells them that the tension between Ishita and her was well-planned. Iyers feel proud of Mihika. Simmi gets angry for lying to them. Romi takes a stand for Mihika. He tells Simmi that he has also supported Mihika in her plans. Mihika and Romi reveal how Ishita called Pooja at the court and proved Romi’s innocence.

Pooja revealed to Mihika that she lied about Romi and her affair just to compel him to accept her. Pooja cleared the misunderstandings between Romi and Mihika. Ishita united Romi and Mihika and cancelled their divorce. Pooja’s confession saved Romi’s marriage. Mihika got grateful to Ishita for saving her marriage. Mihika gave another chance to Romi, knowing he loves her a lot.

Mihika and Romi reconciled and made a plan to unite Raman and Ishita. They liked Ishita’s idea to come back home to stop Raman’s wrong medication. Ishita asked Mihika to win Simmi’s trust. Mihika acted against Ishita as part of her drama. Ishita got a fake divorce certificate for them to fool Simmi and Parmeet.

Simmi gets raging how Mihika cheated them. She goes to beat Mihika. Shagun and Ishita beat up Simmi and Parmeet and vent out their anger. They get together to save their children’s lives from the evil-minded couple. Shagun asks Parmeet not to plan anything against her children. Ishita too protects the children. Ishita scolds Simmi for planning such a ruthless thing against Raman. She asks Simmi and Parmeet to accept their defeat. Simmi decides to make Ishita’s living a hell in Bhalla house. Ishita enters Bhalla house with an aim to make Raman regain his memory.


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